Are You A Hesitant Anklet Wearer?

//Are You A Hesitant Anklet Wearer?


As I was sitting in a mall’s bench, I decided to look on women. Not up on their faces (as we usually do!) but down, yes down! on their toes. This is quite unusual for a woman like me. I’m not into feet and I’m not a fetish gore either. What got me into this is my obsession with accessories.And anklets is top on the list. So, as mallers and shoppers pass by, I noticed that only a few girls and women do wear anklets.



Why? Gold and Silver Anklets are high fashion accessories that are elegant and sophisticated if worn in the right way and paired with nice outfits. It could bring out the sexiness in you as it shows off your beautiful legs and well-pedicured toes. In fact, it highlight one’s legs and improves the overall beauty of a woman.

In our modern world, sexy is the “in” thing. And this includes wearing an anklet to draw attention to your legs. Irrespective of age, body size and complexion. Anybody could choose an anklet and wear one! In fact, in the Egyptian culture, wearing one is believed to bring good luck and fortune.. Now, who wouldn’t want to get rich, anyway?


Now for the tips:

If you go for large flashy anklets, make sure you’re going out to a bar or night clubs, casual dates or to a mall or to a beach. However, even for these occasions a simple gold anklet would still be stunning. Sterling silver chain anklets also go perfect for everyday use. While for a special night out in town, a CZ sterling silver or gold chain would do the trick.

And who would say that wearing an anklet informal occasion is a “no no”??

Because, you could always appear elegant and classy with a beautiful simple and of high-quality gold piece that would blend beautifully as an accessory for your white formal gown, night dress or casual outfit.

Wearing an anklet is like wearing just any piece of jewelry. If a nice pair of earrings makes your face glow, and a stunning necklace oozes up your self-confidence. Indeed, a well-crafted elegant and classy anklet would be your key to showcase your beautiful legs and feet. And where to get it? Go to your trusted jewelry stores. For tips on how to know if the store can be trusted and reliable; watch out for my next article on this.

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