8 Reasons Why a Family Vacation in Arizona is a Great Idea

//8 Reasons Why a Family Vacation in Arizona is a Great Idea
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Did you know that the bola tie is the official neckwear of Arizona? Visitors are often amused at the number of “cowboys” they see sporting them around town. But although they may look silly to many, customs like this are what makes a place culturally enriching and unique.

Beyond the fancy dress and friendly people, you will find that your vacation in Arizona is filled with family-friendly activities and high-quality entertainment like sports teams, natural destinations of wonder, and healing mineral springs.

Not sure just what Arizona has to offer? Check out these eight incredible reasons you should make Arizona your next destination for a family vacation.

1. Vacation in Arizona for the Incredible Food

You may never have thought of traveling to Arizona for the food before, but the cultural diversity and heritage of the state make it a great place to eat adventurously.

The ingredients restaurants have access to like high-quality cattle makes for better tasting food like the steak and seafood found on this website. The farming in the area also produces great produce.

2. To Expose Your Child to New Things

Buying your child a great developmental toy is an excellent way to expand their mind and help them learn about the world around them. But nothing compares to getting out of the house and exploring the great unknown.

Arizona is a beautiful and unique part of the world full of beautiful scenery, kind people, entertaining western expansion history, and awesome Native American cultures.

3. To Check Out the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon may not be one of the seven wonders of the world, but it certainly could be the eighth. This popular destination is usually on any travel lover’s bucket list.

No matter how many times someone has shown you a picture of the canyon, the feeling that you will get standing on its rim is one of the most powerful you may experience in your life. The sheer overwhelming size and beauty is breathtaking.

To take your adventure to the next level, hike or ride into the canyon aboard horses or donkeys.

4. For the Family-Friendly Resorts

Family vacations in Arizona are always exciting, but if you want to get the most out of your stay, you really have to check out one of the family-friendly resorts in the area.

Common amenities include:

  • Extensive green landscaping
  • Challenging golf courses
  • Easily-accessible hiking trails,
  • Stunning views of the mountains
  • Large pools with splash pads and waterslides for children
  • Adobe-style casitas
  • Dive-in movies
  • And in some areas, hot springs!

While there are resorts in many areas, the scenery and climate of Arizona make it one of the best places to visit in the country all year-round.

5. For Phoenix Sports Teams and Other Enriching Entertainment

In the fall and winter, those that love basketball can see the Phoenix Suns play or the women’s NBA team, the Phoenix Mercury.

When spring hits, it’s time to start preparing for the coming baseball season with spring training games for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Later, in the summer, you will be able to attend an MLB game at Chase Field.

If sports aren’t really your thing, there is hardly a major tour that doesn’t stop in Arizona and the music festivals abound.

6. So That You Can See the Hoover Dam

Most people tend to lump in their visit to the Hoover Dam with a trip to Las Vegas since it’s only a forty-five-minute drive away.

But, the damn does share a border with Arizona. Enjoy a guided tour in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area or climb the O’Callagan Tillman Memorial Bridge to get a great view from above. Don’t forget your camera!

7. So You Can Visit the Sedona Healing Springs

Sedona is known around the world for its inspirational energy and healing mineral waters. Spiritual enthusiasts travel to its energy vortexes to set intentions and balance their minds.

The springs are full of mineral water that has been viewed historically as a means to heal all sorts of ails from body woes to mental illness.

While some of the springs have been transformed into spas by investors and hotels, there are still many springs to be found in the wilderness giving you the potential to take a private in a hot spring in the mountain wilderness.

8. To Learn About Gems, Minerals, and Fossils

Arizona is the number one copper producing state in the country. But its mines aren’t just rich with this great conductor. They also hold such ores as silver, gold, zinc, tin, manganese, vanadium, lead, and uranium.

For an adventurous day, consider taking a tour through one of the mines or getting lost in an explorative cave that reminds you of the origins of the Earth.

For those less impressed by metal, there are also mines for many different gems including garnet, diamond, topaz, quartz, chalcedony, malachite, agate, peridot turquoise and more. It’s very cool to visit the place where these raw gems are mined, knowing what treasures they will later become.

For those who are more into science than sparkle, you will find no shortage of fossils in Arizona. To collect the fossils that you find, you will need a good pair of boots and the right tools, many of which can be found at your local hardware store.

For More Travel Tips and Ideas

A vacation in Arizona is a great way to explore a new part of the world, experience unique cultures, and bring your family together. The state has a tremendous cultural heritage that shows up in its food, architecture, and people.

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