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Weddings are not only about love and commitment. They also provide an opportunity to celebrate a couples’ personality and the characteristics that they love about each other.

Perhaps you have a bright and colorful personality that knocked your partner head over heels?

If so, let your uniqueness shine with this season’s latest trend– a pink wedding dress.

Here are 8 ways to strut a wedding dress as colorful as you on your perfect day.

1. Hand-Painted

Whether you’re a professional or an artist at heart, show off your artistic and fun side with a hand-painted wedding dress.

You’ll have as much fun creating the dress as wearing it.

A benefit to painting the dress yourself is that you can incorporate any colors you would like, allowing the dress to match your overall wedding design.

If you’re worried about painting the dress yourself, you can hire a professional to do it for you.

Get some matching confetti for your guests to throw after your vows are made and you’ll have beautiful colorful photos to cherish.

2. Florals

Florals and weddings just go together. We decorate wedding tables, isles, chairs, and men’s pockets with flowers. So, why not also decorate your wedding dress with them?

Flowers printed, sewn, or painted onto a pink wedding dress is the perfect way to add color and brightness.

Watercolor floral dresses are getting a lot of attention right now. They perfect for turning a wedding dress into a modern art form, while keeping a timeless and elegant look.

3. Blush Fabric

The New York Times has put it in writing: “blush is the new white“.

Pink wedding dresses are in for many reasons.

To start, traditional is out.

Secondly, blush wedding dresses are simply gorgeous while daring. They are feminine and romantic, but anything but basic.

If you are someone who strives to be different than a blush dress is for you.

The light pink tones also combine well with most other colors. You don’t have to worry if your dress will match your wedding.

The best part about blush and rose dresses is that you can find them in virtually any style and made of any material.

Whether you’re a satin ballgown girl or someone who prefers slim, form-fitting lace, you can find a pink wedding dress to fit your style.

Just look at all the various looks we have in our Ronald Joyce wedding dress collection.

4. Skirt

Want to add color, but not sure if you want it from top to bottom? There’s an option for that!

Two-piece wedding outfits are also in style. They consist of various types of skirts for the bottom that can be paired with any top you prefer.

The two-piece option is great for those who prefer specific types of tops and skirts that may be hard to find together. Or, for those of you who want to wear two different colors.

The skirt is typically where the color comes in. You can find skirts in every color from hot pink to black.

You can also find patterned skirts. This is a great way to add those florals to your look.

5. Colored Ruffles

If you want to stand out, colorful ruffles at the bottom of your wedding dress is a sure way to do it.

You can order a beautiful wedding dress with ruffles at the bottom in various colors to match your wedding theme.

Whether you’re having a beach wedding and want to add in bright tropical colors, or you’re in a rustic scene featuring pastels, dyed ruffles on your dress will ensure your personality shines through.

6. Add a Bow

One of the simplest ways to add color and life to your dress is by adding a colored bow.

You can choose between a sash tied into a bow at the back or a bow sewn onto the dress. Either way, your dress will go from traditional white to a lovely bi-colored fashion statement.

Another option if you’re set on a pink wedding dress but still want to wear white on your big day is to add a white bow or sash to a blush dress.

7. Add Outerwear

One of the trends from Bridal Fashion Week wedding outerwear.

Adding a jacket, shawl, capelet, or blazer can add an extra layer of elegance to your dress. It is perfect for those winter snowy weddings.

Incorporating a colored or printed outerwear piece is an easy way to add color to your big day.

Wedding outerwear is designed to pair well with all types of gowns making it easy to find one to suit your dress.

If you have a pink wedding dress and want to add some white or offwhite, you can easily find a wedding outerwear piece to fit the goal.

8. Colorful Train

Perhaps you want to keep the colorful elements to your dress subtle. Wedding dresses often involve multiple layers, including the train.

While this can sometimes be annoying for the bride (heavy, difficult to use the restroom, etc.) it provides an opportunity to add color.

Colored wedding dress trains look beautiful, especially tied into a colorful sash.

Adding color to your train is the perfect way to make a statement while not straying too far from traditional.

What Type of Colorful or Pink Wedding Dress Will You Choose?

Whether you want to make a bold statement or subtly stand out from more traditional brides, there are many ways to add color to your wedding day look.

Once you’ve decided on your dress, check out all the wedding trends and tips Estilo Tendances has to offer.

They can help you write your vows, design your bouquet, find the perfect band, and more.

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