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Do you want to impress the man in your life this holiday season? Surprise him with a Christmas gift he’ll love!

But finding the perfect gift for a man – whether it’s your spouse, brother, father or son – can be hard to do. Guys just seem to be so much harder to shop for than women. How do you find the right gift to show him how much he means to you?

We’ve got you covered. In this post, we’re sharing 8 awesome Christmas gifts for him. These ideas will help you take some stress out of your Christmas shopping this year, (and improve your relationship!).

1. A Watch

Every stylish man needs a classy watch on his wrist. Make the man in your life feel important and proud with the right brand.

But finding the right brand of watch can be difficult. First, does he have other watches already? If so, what kinds of brands is he into?

Watches can also be pricey. If you want to buy a nice watch among your Christmas gifts for him without breaking the bank, check out SeikoMen Watches. These watches are both luxurious and affordable.

Is your guy into fitness? The gift of a watch can double as a fitness tracker!

Gift him the new Fitbit Alta for a watch that allows him to track workouts, monitor his sleep and receive texts and calls. It’s the ultimate gift that says you want him to have style and look after his health!

2. The Right Shirt

While this gift might sound obvious, men could always use a nice new shirt. Maybe it’s not even a nice shirt, but a shirt that speaks to their style or personality. A shirt is one of the best Christmas gifts for him because it’s a chance for you to show how much thought you put into picking the right thought.

Before you go looking for a new shirt for him, check his closet. Get a good look at the clothes he already has, and write down his shirt size.

For classy and dressy men’s shirts, check out the Esprit Men’s collection. Esprit has trendy and stylish clothes that make perfect Christmas gifts for him.

3. Jewelry

What? Jewelry? For him?

Okay, not the same jewelry you’d get for yourself or the women on your Christmas list. But man jewelry, such as viking necklaces, that adds to his masculinity.

Viking styles include pendants with inspiration from Norse mythology and viking culture and art. Class symbols and motifs include viking axes, runes, longships and many more. With intricate designs and excellent detail, viking necklaces make perfect Christmas gifts for him.

4. Shoes

Men need shoes. As much as they might hate to admit it, they’re kind of like women in this category. They can’t ever have too many shoes.

But men are unlikely to buy themselves new shoes. They get attached to the old favorites, even when they’re torn and filled with holes. A thoughtful Christmas gift would be a nice new pair of shoes for the men in your life.

Same with the shirt, check out what types of shoes your man already has.

What brands does he like? What size does he wear? What types of shoes does he need?

Whether it’s dress shoes for work, hiking shoes or new sneaks, most men will be beyond grateful to receive a pair of new shoes. They likely have been wanting them for a while just haven’t gone through the trouble to go get them.

5. A Man Bag

Men will stuff their pockets full before they admit they need a bag, but once they have one, they’ll realize just how much they needed it. Of course, it’s not something they’re likely to go out and buy on their own. That’s why some sort of bag is going to be one of the best Christmas gifts for him.

And it doesn’t have to be like a purse or a satchel. Maybe your man likes to go hiking and needs a good travel bag. Maybe he needs a good gym bag, because he can’t deny that he needs something to keep his workout clothes in.

6. A Card Holder

If he really won’t have a man bag, get him a quality card holder. Even if he insists on keeping everything in his pockets, at least you can help him keep organized.

Sometimes the right wallet is hard to find, but a cardholder can be just the ticket. A cardholder doesn’t have to be some plain ugly thing. For the man who loves style, you can find trendy card holders designed by the one and only Louis Vuitton.

7. Cologne

While cologne can be one of the go-to Christmas gifts for him, it can be tricky to find the right scent. Men all have different tastes in fragrances.

Of course, a good way to start is by seeing what appeals to your own senses. See how you react to a few different scents. If you absolutely love a fragrance, he’ll likely love it too.

8. Leather Gloves

Keep your man warm this winter season with a pair of leather gloves. He’ll think of you every time he goes out into the cold. Leather gloves will bring him comfort as he goes out to shovel snow or drive through the cold weather.

Not only do they keep him warm, but leather gloves also look quite classy. Esprit has a trendy selection of men’s gloves. Check them out for one of your Christmas gifts for him.

Christmas Gifts for Him Should Have Style

You won’t be surprised to find that many of our gift recommendations have to do with style. Upping your man’s fashion sense is one of the best Christmas gifts for him you could ever give.

Don’t shy away from gifting him a new shirt, watch or pair of gloves this year!

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