7 Stylish Leggings

//7 Stylish Leggings

Who doesn’t own at least one pair of leggings?

Leggings were seen and used as a garment worn underneath the actual clothes as to keep warm, but soon became part of the sports activities’ outfits and now, fashion clothing. It is interesting to see how such an item developed through time and changed its utility. I personally bought my first pair of leggings with the purpose of wearing them at the gym, or when I go running.

Soon enough I found lots of girls wearing them on a daily basis, on the street instead of the normal jeans or trousers. Personally I believe there are some great benefits in wearing leggings and here they are:

  1. Comfortable. How do you prefer to run after the bus? Jeans or leggings? Right..
  2. Cheap. Instead of buying one pair of jeans or trousers, you can buy like 5 pairs of leggings.
  3. Prints, colors, motifs. There are a wide range of leggings in any print, color or motif you can imagine. Unfortunately, you won’t find this on trousers and jeans.
  4. Make us look skinnier. Put some black leggings and an oversize sweater and you’re safe!
  5. They match everything! In the mood for wearing heels or sneakers? No problem, leggings match any of your choices!
  6. Easy to take with! They are so tiny that will fit in your bag wherever you go!
  7. Get you out of any dilemmas! When you cannot decide if your dress is actually a dress or a blouse, definitely wear leggings!

Now that we found 7 reasons why we should wear them, it’s time to see which are the most fashionable leggings this season. I found them in lots of colors and moreover really, really interesting prints!

#1 Cartoon inspired


These are so funny! Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride Leggings are really cool and match strong and funny personalities! Because they have such an amazing print, you don’t need to worry about the upper part, just keep it as simple as possible. In what regards the shoes, wear them with sneakers (Find out which are the most 10 fashionable sneakers) or boots!

#2 Floral print

The flower print is making more and more victims this season! It is adopted by fashionistas who want to feel comfortable, but still manage to create an awesome look. Wear it with black t-shirts and cool biker boots, as in the picture. If you choose a brighter flower print, you can get inspiration from many street style bloggers.

#3 Faux Leather

Faux leather leggings are my favorite! You can wear them with anything that comes to your mind. From sweaters, shirts to fur coats! Also, from high heels to cool sneakers, anything will look good as accessories to these beauties. It is not a secret that celebrities and fashion bloggers love them so much. You just have to look.

#4 Cities print

estilo-tendances-stylish-leggings-vities-print-2 The glittery ballerina pumps-NYC leggings mix is a winning one!

If you don’t have the opportunity to go to your favorite places, at least wear them…You heard it right. I was amazed by this cool New York City leggings. They are pretty cool and go perfectly with sneakers or any type or flat shoes. Another alternative can represent these, which I personally love:

estilo-tendances-stylish-leggings-cities-print-2Cool castle print

#5 Ethnic Motifs

It seems that the ethnic trend doesn’t vanish anymore. It’s present season after season in different interpretations and colors. You have to be careful on combining it, though! Choose smart, choose simple. Sneakers and a plain T-shirt should be enough…maybe a cardigan over it.


#6 Fabric combination


As Mary, the fashion blogger from Happily Grey demonstrates, a combination of faux leather and fabric looks really stylish. She chose to wear them with a gorgeous pair of ankle boots and leather jacket. It is a simple outfit, but it surely stands out.

 #7 Strong colors


In the mood for some colors? Or maybe some candies? I love candy colors and I like them on clothes too. These cool leggings look amazing with ankle boots, or you can wear them with high heels!

estilo-tendances-stylish-leggings-pinkEven pink leggings can look amazing in the appropriate combination!

As you have noticed, girls, even the most common item you normally wear when staying home and watching TV can be converted into an fashionable garment that saves your outfits when you are facing a lack of inspiration. Just don’t be afraid to play with every piece of clothing you have and most importantly, add your own personal statement!

Which one is your favorite style of fashionable leggings?

Comment below and let us know!

Feature image: Asos

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