7 Fall Lipstick Colors That Will Make You Stand Out From the Crowd

//7 Fall Lipstick Colors That Will Make You Stand Out From the Crowd
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Whether you wear lipstick all the time or just for special occasions, you need more than one color. Do lipsticks change much? Not really. The best lipstick is the one you like the best.

While lipstick colors vary, there are some you won’t be able to wear. The best trick is to find a few shades that work best for your skin tone and stick with them. You can get them in a gloss and matte, just to keep your options open.

Only you can decide what lipstick works best for you. You should wear what makes you happiest. Here are a few colors to choose from, and a few standards to have, just in case.

Most Versatile Lipstick Colors

Once you have a few basic colors, you can always mix and match with them. Bring a brighter shade down, or gloss up a matte for more shine.

1. Nude

The basic nude lipstick is known as ‘your lips, but better’. It’s perfect for those casual affairs where you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup. The nude is also great for work, afternoon events or when you want to keep the attention on your fabulous eye makeup.

Nudes are great for blending with other colors. Bring down a bright red, mix with a deeper brown or add some gloss if your nude is matte. You can also add a clear gloss for shine or clear gloss with glitter.

2. Pink

A nice pink lipstick will go with a lot of outfits and you can get different shades of pink. Bright and bold or subtle and closer to a natural lip color. Once again, you can mix them together for the perfect blend.

Pink is a nice shade and not too bold for your workplace, and a bright bold shade is great for a girl’s night out. It will highlight all skin tones.

3. Red

Every woman needs a red lipstick. The shade you prefer can be calm, bright, deeper red with tints of purple, blue or orange. Find the one that suits your skin tone best.

A good red lipstick can be worn to work, out for an evening or to the opera. As versatile as your wardrobe, the perfect reds are available in every shade imaginable.

4. Plum

It’s a perfect color for fall. The bold color is great as the only makeup you need and will bring out the highlights of your skin, your eyes, and your outfit.

It’s subtle and bold, so it goes with almost any outfit. It’s great for work, after work or date night. Don’t be shy about wearing the purple shades.

5. Brown

Browns are a standard in any makeup kit. Just a step up from the nude and natural, brown lipstick is extremely versatile. It’s perfect as say wear, evening wear and will match any item of clothing.

It’s another fabulous color for fall and can be found in so many different shades. It tends to go well with most skin tines, so it’s a great idea to have a few different shades.

It’s nice to bring together your whole look if you are using all shades of brown for your makeup and clothing. It’s a more subtle look, for a more somber event.

6. Peach/Orange

A bold orange lipstick isn’t for everyone but it’s nice when you can pull it off. A delicate peach color can work wonders for your outfit, your skin tone and it can give a natural feel.

It’s also great for highlighting your other lipsticks, as it blends well with the browns. Bring out the brown while you tone down the orange colors for the perfect shade.

7. Clear Gloss

This is a standard. Even applying a gloss to bare lips will add a special glow. Applied over top of your favorite matte lipstick brings out the glossy shine. It’s perfect for chapped lips when you want to protect them from the elements.

You can get them clear, with hints of color, with glitter and flecks of gold or silver. This is a fun, way to wear lipstick as is or with your favorite color.


If you are struggling to get that look just right, or find the perfect shade, here are a few tricks.

  • Line your lips after you apply the lipstick
  • Never try on makeup in the store. Put a small sample on your hand. Check out Lens Pure for more helpful tips
  • To get your lipstick to last, apply loose face power to them
  • Don’t draw your lip lines larger than your actual lips
  • Try lighter shades for lighter skin tones
  • If you don’t have a clear gloss, try petroleum jelly
  • Soften the lip liner with your fingertip to smooth it down
  • Mix eyeshadow or blush with petroleum jelly for DIY lipstick

While the fall colors of lipstick are darker, you don’t have to wear them. Add a few of your lighter shades to brighten, lighten and make them completely original. You can achieve the perfect shade by mixing a few of your favorites together.

A white lipstick will work well for this, to cut the reds and deeper purples down. You can mix them together in a small dish or just apply them on top of each other and blend with a brush or your fingertip to reach the shade you like.

Pucker Up

The best lipstick colors for you are the ones you like best. If you like bright colors, then, by all means, wear them. Lipstick is for fun, so enjoy wearing it. Whether you can’t leave the house without it or you seldom wear it, every woman needs a few great shades.

Always blot your lips after applying lipstick. It will smooth them down and keep it from getting on your teeth. Plus, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the perfect lipstick.

Buy the colors and brands you can afford to and mix with your other colors, your clear gloss or powder them for a matte look. looking for tips on whiter teeth? Please keep reading.

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