7 Fall 2018 Fashion Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

//7 Fall 2018 Fashion Trends You Won’t Want to Miss
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Hoping to get into fashion? Aiming to add fashion flair to your current establishment, like a spa or salon?

If you want your salon hair treatment to have a matching fashion statement, you need to follow the fall 2018 fashion trends. You don’t want to get left behind and look dated.

This helps you keep your wardrobe fresh and season-appropriate while looking stunning and gorgeous. Read on if you want to know the top seven trends to look out for.

1. Animal Prints

While this fashion trend often has a bad reputation for being trashy, this upcoming winter fashion paves the way to come back into the fashion scene. Zebra and leopard prints are the most appropriate, with stars and other luxurious fashion lines adopting it as their own. Keep it pared-down and ensure that you wear flats for maximum effect.

2. Modesty Dressing

With most fashion designers trying to re-create the definition of female sexuality, they decided that it was time to cover up the silhouette. You can choose to go with extreme layering or with evening dresses worn over stockings and prim shirts. Hemlines should be low while the necklines are high, such as the ones you get from Club Monaco.

3. Gloss

In this season, high-shine fabrics are one of the style trends you need to look out for. No matter which material–vinyl, latex, plastic, or leather–you use, it offers a quiet but dominating appeal. Some can look metallic while others can look quite subversive and fetishistic especially when the color involves something daring like patent red.

4. Statement Headwear

In a stunning turn of events, Knit balaclavas are returning for the autumn fashion of 2018. A lot of them got featured in various catwalks, but it has its own practical applications. This winter will be cold, and using a statement headwear makes you fashionable while avoiding the common winter illnesses.

5. Tweed

Experts foresee the apparel market growing into a $29 billion industry by 2020, and a large portion comes from people buying out of nostalgia.

Case in point: tweed. The tweed trend enables you to have an air of heritage chic. Style some oversized tweed coats and pair them with leather skirts.

It’s a sort of 80’s-inspired fashion that emulates a bold fashion statement you can rock.

6. Checks

Plaid or tartan, checks in all of its forms are great to use for this season. Plaid inspired by Americana can stand out if you wear it over balloon sleeve shirts. If you want a more classic look, use Prince of Wales checks for a more sophisticated look.

7. Luxury Fringing

The latest fringing fashion trend is now something free from muddy festival fields. Now, it became a more refined aesthetic. It’s now beaded, shimmering, and have trailing ties over boots.

Wear the Fall 2018 Fashion Trends Today!

While it takes some adjustment to become fashionable, keeping up with fall 2018 fashion trends can help you stay gorgeous while protecting yourself from the cold.

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