7 Easy Methods For DIY Jewelry That You Can Learn In Minutes

//7 Easy Methods For DIY Jewelry That You Can Learn In Minutes
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Making and selling your own jewelry is a creative and relaxing hobby that can grow into something that makes you some extra money on the side. In fact, there are over 39.4 million active buyers on Etsy alone, many of which are constantly looking for unique jewelry pieces for themselves and to give as gifts.

Whether you’re new to the world of DIY jewelry making or are simply looking for a creative edge, incorporating new techniques is a smart way to set yourself apart from other vendors.

If you’re looking to make a splash on your next jewelry sale read on for some essential tips on jewelry making

What You Need for DIY Jewelry Making

Before you begin it’s important to ensure that you have all of the right tools that you will need to make the jewelry you have in mind.
If you are starting with a modest budget, it helps to get a good idea of what you want to make to be sure you won’t need to invest in all types of jewelry tools at one time.
As your jewelry business or hobby advances you’ll know which type of tools you need to enhance your selection.
Some great tools to start with include a good pair of flat-nose pliers that will be your go-to tool for creating hooks and different shapes especially when it comes to wire jewelry.
Nylon tipped pliers and wire cutters are also an essential part of creating your own jewelry at different lengths and sizes.
There are some simple items that you may already have on hand such as a ruler or sewing kit. Many jewelry makers enjoy using a method crimp tool to help them model jewelry pieces and use them as a mold.
The good news is you can easily find jewelry making kits online that include many of these tools to help you get started.
You’ll also want to gather any strings to make your tassels, beads, or gemstones that will be incorporated into your jewelry.
The more precise you can be on the type of jewelry you want to create the less likely you’ll be to spend money on tools that you won’t really need.

Finding Your Unique Jewelry Brand

One of the key elements to creating your own DIY jewelry business is to have a unique brand that your audience can relate to.
This means understanding what sets your jewelry apart from others. Is it a unique Bohemian feel that incorporates quality jewels with craftsmanship?
Do you add personal embellishments to make your jewelry an ideal gift? Or are you willing to create custom jewelry for your clientele based on their unique style and taste?
Identifying your jewelry brand is an essential part of the process. Don’t just go for whatever there’s currently a demand for, also take the time to consider what style truly intrigues you and where you find your inspiration.
As your skills grow you’ll be able to experiment with new styles and techniques, but sticking to a few signature pieces, in the beginning, is always a wise choice.

This will give your audience an opportunity to know which styles you excel in while helping you mark your place in the industry.

Identifying Trends

One of the most enjoyable elements of having a DIY jewelry business is that there’s a seemingly endless amount of trends that you can try and incorporate into your product line.
Not only is this a great way to have a more dynamic offering, but it’s also a good way to offer your audience a greater variety.
A quick type into Google searches makes it easier than ever to find what jewelry buyers are currently looking for.
Don’t be afraid to look into what other demographics and areas are offering. For example, you may want to jump onto European jewelry trends or jewelry trends that have been inspired by a popular film or musician.
The options are endless and can give you a competitive edge. just be sure to find the perfect balance between what’s trendy and what’s on brand.

Finding Your Inspiration

If you’re having trouble finding the inspiration to get started, remember that when it comes to jewelry making you can draw the right imagery from anywhere.
The mesh on a hammock can be the inspiration you need for a beautiful bracelet or those stunning earrings from your favorite 1920s movie may motivate you to incorporate an old school feel in your jewelry design.
Wherever you find your inspiration be sure to include it in your product descriptions. Buyers love a good story and being able to offer one is part of being a business owner and an artist.

Creating the Work You’re Proud of

DIY jewelry is the kind of hobby that can grow along with you and your skillset. No matter where you’re beginning, there’s always room to incorporate new techniques and styles while enhancing your marketing and branding skills.
If jewelry isn’t the route for you, fear not. There are plenty of creative outlets you can take advantage of that still allow you to make some money on the side. Not sure where to begin?
Check out the rest of our blog for more inspiration on starting your own business, finding an art form you love, and getting the most out of life. You may just find your next million-dollar idea is there waiting for you.
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