6 Trendy Tips on How to Style a Vintage Band T-Shirt

//6 Trendy Tips on How to Style a Vintage Band T-Shirt
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Vintage fashion is the art of giving old clothes new life. It may sound crazy, but these old clothes can sell for millions of dollars.

Of course, a vintage band t-shirt isn’t quite as pricey as one of Marilyn Monroe’s old dresses. However, some especially rare pieces can fetch thousands of dollars. Some of these tees may have only been distributed to crew, friends, or family. The nostalgia they evoke is presumably worth a pretty penny. 

If you own a special band tee, you should wear it with pride. Check out the band tee styling tips below.

1. Layer with Long Sleeves

It may seem like winter isn’t the right time to rock a t-shirt, but don’t lock your favorite band tees away. Instead, layer the t-shirt over a long-sleeve. Even if it’s super chilly out, you can use a base, insulating layer, then the long sleeve, topped with the band tee. It creates a grungy, 1990s-style look that’s ideal for most band t-shirts.

On top of that, you can wear a neutral, basic coat to make the band tee pop.

2. Layer with a Dress

It’s still warm out, so why not layer your band tee with a dress to give yourself a little more coverage from the sun. It’s also a unique style that, again, creates a grunge-inspired look.

The contrast between a feminine dress and a worn band tee creates an interesting juxtaposition that good fashion is all about. Band tees aren’t just for men — there are tons of options for women online.

3. Prep It Up

If grunge isn’t your style, you can always prep it up. Put on your best pair of tailored pants and tunk the band tee in. Choose a belt and some loafers than complement the color scheme of the outfit.

4. Make It Rock n’ Roll

Most band tees are rock n’ roll, so a rock n’ roll style fits right in. Roll the sleeves up, put on some red lipstick, and look for your best denim. Even if the band itself isn’t necessarily rock n’ roll, the outfit will feel vintage, just like the shirt. 

5. Pair with Bike Shorts

If your band tee is oversized, you can pair it with biker shorts to give yourself a little more shape. Consider using a hair tie to tie up and tighten the shirt. Ideally, the biker shorts should have some kind of loud, expressive pattern.

6. Pair with Distressed Denim

Vintage clothing often has a naturally distressed look. After all, these items have survived years of wear and tear. Pairing a vintage band t-shirt with distressed denim is a perfect match. 

Vintage Band T-Shirts and Other Fashion Guides

Vintage fashion guarantees that no one else is wearing what you’ve got on. Vintage shopping is an adventure, not a simple trip to the local mall. A vintage band t-shirt is especially personal because it represents your taste and reminds you of better times. 

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