5 Winter Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know

//5 Winter Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know
  • Winter Fashion Tips

Every year, the average family in the US will spend $1,700 on clothes.

Rather than going out and buying yet another cocktail dress for yet another party this holiday season, why not dive into your wardrobe and wear something you already have?

In fact, we’re here to tell you that layers can be just as stylish as a cocktail dress. Here are five winter fashion tips every woman should know. Let’s get started:

1. Get the Boots Sorted and the Clothes Will Follow

When it comes to winter fashion tips, getting the shoes right is essential. Investing in a good pair of winter boots which you bring out every winter season is a good idea. 

Find something which goes with the clothes you already have. Perhaps black knee-high boots or something more out there like white suede booties?

Once you’ve got your favorite boots sorted, your feet will be warm and you can layer up your outfit around these gorgeous, only-seen-once-a-year boots. 

2. Cozy Coats Are Essential Items

The most important aspect of layering is ensuring you stay warm. Instead of having to pull on hundreds of cardigans or jumpers, simply invest in a beautiful coat. 

How about faux fur or a fake leather jacket? Something which will keep you cozy as you go from party to party will be much appreciated. 

With the layers of boots and coat sorted and adequately warm enough, your clothes underneath can be as out there as you please!

3. Don’t Go for Short Sleeves

When it comes to winter clothing, the idea is to stay warm while also looking super chic. What says cold and uncouth? Short sleeves. 

We’ve got no idea why so many winter dresses are sold with short sleeves. We want elegant long sleeves which don’t have us shivering! 

If you do go for a dress with short sleeves, layer it up with a cardigan or jumper. Not quite as elegant but if you already have these layers, you’re saving yourself some cash over the winter season.

4. Invest in Quality Not Fast Fashion 

By now we all know the damage that fast fashion is doing to our planet. But, for some reason, we can’t quit it. 

However, if we all invested in quality winter pieces which we put away when the season ends, not only would we be saving the planet, we’d also be saving money. 

Better yet, high-quality pieces are much easier to repair and re-invent. Want the hem of your skirt from two years ago a little shorter? Simply take it to a tailor and you have a new look!  

5. Jewelry Will Glam Up Any Look

Looking your best during winter doesn’t have to be hard. Get yourself some gorgeous jewelry pieces which you can wear any time of the year. 

This way, a simple black dress can become the height of chic with just a couple of pieces. Want some inspiration? Read more here.

Winter Fashion Tips 101: Be Yourself and Wear What You Love

Do you love hats but feel too shy to wear them? Maybe you’re a sucker for leopard print? Whatever your jam, winter and the holiday season is the time to be who you want to be! 

Who cares what your irritating relatives say, enjoying layering up all the clothes you have so you feel warm and cozy but, better yet, chic!

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