5 Ways to Incorporate Vintage T-Shirts to Your Wardrobe

//5 Ways to Incorporate Vintage T-Shirts to Your Wardrobe
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Do you love your vintage t-shirts but are tired of only wearing them with a boring pair of jeans? Good news! There are many ways you can incorporate those tees into highly fashionable looks that’ll turn heads.

How many vintage tees are floating around your closet? They’re probably your go-to on days where you want to rock a casual look without putting in much effort.

But with the right accessories and pieces, they can be paired to make you look like the rockstar you know you are.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 ways you can incorporate your favorite vintage t-shirts into your wardrobe in ways you never imagined.

Let’s take a look!

1. Pair With a Long Skirt When Heading Out on the Town

You’ve probably never thought of wearing one of your tees with a skirt. But it can be done and it’ll look amazing!

Take that old black Dr. Pepper tee from 1993 and tuck it into a shin-length black skirt. Wrap a light brown belt around your waist and some light brown open-toed sandals or flats.

Complete the look with a silver necklace and brown purse and you’re good to go!

2. Tattered Jean Shorts and a Vest

You know that old “USA” tee with an eagle and flag? Use it for a complete wardrobe that shows just how stylish and patriotic you are.

Tuck it into an old pair of high-waist jean shorts (the more strings hanging from them, the better). Then find a simple white vest and slip it on over your tee.

Some high heeled, strappy black open-toed shoes look great with this.

3. The Allman Brothers Meet Sophistication

OK, so this isn’t just for Allman Brothers T shirts, but you get the idea.

Break out your favorite black and white tour tee along with a horizontally striped black and white knee-length skirt.

You’ll be surprised how well they go together.

Top off this sophisticated look with a pair of brightly colored heels and a simple handbag.

Some vintage makeup doesn’t hurt your case with this look either.

4. Oh, Mickey, You’re So Fine

What lover of vintage t-shirts doesn’t have a few of good ol’ Mickey Mouse tops?

For a fun weekend look, wear one of these with a knee-length leather skirt and black open-toed heels.

A belt is optional but could go a long ways in completing the look.

Consider a blingy black ball cap with this if you really want to make a statement.

5. Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Do you have some vintage sports tees that you could use as a style statement?

Break them out and pair with a black pair of short shorts to support the home team.

Of course, if you’re heading out to the ballgame, don’t forget the ball cap. The look isn’t complete without it.

Vintage T-Shirts are Fun and Versatile

See how easy it is to expand the use of your favorite vintage tees? Just use your imagination and you can incorporate them into almost any style.

Do you have more ideas you’d like to share? Find us on Facebook and let’s discuss.

We’ll be looking for you (in your vintage tee of course)!

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