5 Super Chic Ways to Decorate With Vintage Home Decor

//5 Super Chic Ways to Decorate With Vintage Home Decor
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Do you love the chic design that vintage decorations bring into your home?

Are you constantly on the hunt at antique shops and flea markets for the next adorable additional?

The vintage home decor style is not only elegant but much more timeless than many other interior design trends.

The isn’t “one type” of vintage, but rather any historic pieces that bring you back in time.

Incorporating vintage elements in your home may seem daunting at first, but it can be easy to add items to your home that give it an old-timey appeal.

Read on to learn how to add vintage home decor in your home to make it cozier than ever.

1. Vintage Signs and Wall Art

Vintage signs and wall art are one of the simplest ways to add charm in any room of the house.

These could be any sign that you can find, ranging from old advertisement signs to historic artwork.

The best part of this design technique is that there are many options to choose from.

Better yet, if there aren’t any that you can find in your search, try a simple DIY vintage sign.

2. Bookshelf Display

The hardest part of antiquing perfect pieces to add to your collection is deciding where to display them.

One great option is creating a bookshelf display with compatible items alongside a few dusty books.

This option allows for flexibility in style and amount of decorations. The important part is to get creative.

In addition, Kernow Furniture has vintage bookshelves to bring the rustic element to the next level.

3. Weathered Shelving

Another great style option that adds functionality to your vintage haven is weathered shelving.

Think of the beauty that weathered wood can bring into a home. Now, using this natural element as a shelf can house numerous vintage home decor pieces.

From plates to sculptures to pottery, shelving is a must in any home. So, why not make it vintage?

4. Mix the old with the new

A perfect home is a little bit of old, a little bit of new, and tons of your underlying style.

It can be difficult to make an entire home completely vintage without it appearing like a scene from an old movie or a haunted hotel.

One option to avoid overdoing it is carefully combining old pieces and new pieces to paint a unique style.

5. Repurpose Items

There may be items that you find, but you have no idea how to put it in your home.

The key is to repurpose them into something else. That old mailbox could make a perfect storage option with a little altering.

Use Google, or just think about what you might need in your home. It is easier than you think to recycle old items in much more functional alternatives.

Be Creative with Vintage Home Decor

No matter where your vintage flair brings you, it is important to stay creative, maintain balance and keep it comfy.

There is an inspiration around every corner, and the search for amazing pieces never needs to stop with these options.

Check out our post on five stylish bohemian design trends for more great options for your home’s interior design.

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