5 Sports Outfits to Look Your Best on Game Day

//5 Sports Outfits to Look Your Best on Game Day
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Football season is one of the most fun-filled times of the year. Whether you’re tailgating at the stadium or hosting a watch party, there is always a good time to be had.

No matter where you go to watch the game, though, you’ve got to look your best! Wearing cute sports outfits every weekend is part of the spirit of football season.

If you’re out of gameday outfit ideas, don’t worry.

Here are five simple style concepts that are always sure to score.

1. Get a Jersey

Jerseys are the epitome of cute sports outfits. You can dress them up or down and have fun with them every time game day comes around.

The real question here is knowing which jersey to buy.

Do you get the current quarterback’s number, or maybe the receiver everyone loves? Should you go old-school and look for a jersey that belonged to an MVP of your favorite team?

Maybe you even order from the NFL Shop United Kingdom or look for jerseys you can thrift. These ensure you have a unique spin on a classic game day look.

Wear your jersey with your favorite pair of jeans and cute sneakers to be cozy and comfy in cold weather. For particularly cold weather, pair your jersey with riding-style boots and a cute beanie.

If you live in an area where game day gets really hot, opt for an oversized, breathable jersey. You can wear this like a dress with shorts or even a pair of spandex. Pro tip: put on a sports bra underneath for maximum comfort.

2. Cut Your Own Look

As easy as it can be to throw on a jersey and look just right, sometimes, you simply want to stand out. Put on an outfit no one else will have by making it yourself!

This is an easy DIY project that is all the rage right now.

College students and professional football fans alike are buying, cutting, and sewing their own unique sports outfits. All you need is:

  • a shirt that supports your favorite football team
  • a pair of fabric scissors
  • a basic sewing kit
  • ribbon or other fabric accents, optional

You can buy the shirt to be a little loose fitting or snug. Make this decision with your DIY style in mind, though.

Some shirts can be cut along the collarbone in a v-cut shape. These can either be left open or create a base for fabric to be laced through all the way to the top.

Crop tops and off-the-shoulder shirts are other looks to consider. These are easy to cut and so cute to wear! When in doubt, do a classic athletic cut – take off the sleeves and create a slit that is about mid-torso.

3. Mix and Match Team Colors

Instead of getting crafty with one shirt, you can also stock up on different wardrobe pieces that are your team’s two colors. This gives you multiple options of sports outfits to wear throughout the season.

Some great basics to get include:

  • a simple dress – like t-shirt dresses or single-tone sundresses
  • tank tops and t-shirts
  • fabric shorts
  • skirts

All of these can be combined to create sports outfits that go all-out. Or, you can keep your look simple and stylish by matching one team-colored piece with a neutral top or bottom.

4. Dress Up

Whatever you end up buying, you can always dress it up.

To make your jersey look fabulous, pair it with earrings, a watch, and/or a hat to show you’re putting some extra effort in. Jerseys also look great with a clean pair of sneakers.

To dress up even more, pull out that sundress mentioned above. Throw on a jean jacket if you think it’s going to be chilly, or find ways to braid or pull back your hair for some humidity control in the heat.

Other ways to dress up could be finding fun, flowy pants in your team’s color or splurging a bit more on the perfect top for all game day occasions.

5. Accessorize

To complete your sports outfits, you will need a few accessories.

Classic football accessories include beanies, hats, and visors in your team’s colors or with their logo. More options might be scarfs, beads, and temporary tattoos. Something as simple as a team-colored bracelet or mascot earrings can spice your outfit up, too.

The real trick is knowing how to put everything together, though. If you throw all of these accessories on every time, they’re going to get old as the season goes on. Not to mention, you could risk looking a bit over the top.

Make your sports outfits feel fun and effortless by pairing everything perfectly every time. Here are some outfit and accessory combinations to consider:

  • a DIY cut-up shirt with a team hat or visor
  • a jersey with a hat and a braid/double braids
  • a sundress with a team color necklace
  • jeans, a team color shirt, a neutral jacket, and a team scarf
  • a jersey with leggings, sneakers, and a beanie

These are just a handful of ideas to get your style inspiration going. Whether you’re looking to dress up as much as possible or just throw something together last-minute, be sure your sports outfits reflect your personality.

If your style is proper and preppy, look for polos, dresses, and girly accessories that suit your personality. If you’re totally one of the guys and all about the game, get the jersey that looks just right on you.

Such an approach to sports outfits makes buying and styling much easier! It combines your love for this all-American game with your passion for fashion.

The One Thing All Sports Outfits Need

What is one thing you should always bring to the game?

A camera! Whip out your smartphone or stock up on blank polaroids, but always make sure you have something to capture these memories with.

Win or lose, the tailgating, screaming in the stadium, and touchdown celebrations are what you will always remember.

Plus, you can look back on all of these moments and more by printing out your pictures and putting them in a football season scrapbook. Click here for scrapbooking tips and tricks to get you started!

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