5 Prom Shopping Tips Every Girl Needs to Know About

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Would you be surprised to know that in 2014, the average home spent over 900 dollars on prom-related expenses?

Part of preparing for a great prom involves finding the perfect dress.

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of finding a dress? Don’t worry. Keep reading below for five prom shopping tips you absolutely need to know.

1. Don’t Wait

While many girls will start shopping for dresses as soon as stores put them out, others wait until the last minute. In order to find the best dress for you, don’t wait!

By looking early, you will have more prom dresses to choose from. This lets you really see what’s out there and what’s currently popular. You won’t have to rush and end up choosing a dress you may not totally love.

Starting early is also beneficial because you will have time to get your dress altered for a perfect fit.

2. Really Test the Dress While Trying On

We all know going into a store and trying on multiple prom dresses can be stressful and overwhelming. But don’t rush the process of trying dresses on.

Spend more than a few minutes staring in the mirror. Bust out a few dance moves in the dressing room. Sit and stand a few times. Raise your arms.

Doing this will ensure you’ll be comfortable all night long. There is nothing worse than finding a dress you love, but not being able to breathe when sitting because it’s too tight.

Don’t forget to bring your heels with you if you plan on wearing them. This helps judge the length of your dress and if it needs to be hemmed.

3. Decide if You want an Entourage

Some people don’t like shopping alone, which is totally fine for prom shopping too! Make a day of it with one or two of your best friends. Take people you trust for an honest opinion.

But avoid taking too many people. Taking five or six of your friends sounds like a big party, but can hinder the shopping process. You will probably be distracted and may get pressured into buying a dress you don’t actually love.

4. Consider Your Undergarments

Don’t forget to shop around for a specific bra and pair of underwear for your dress. If you are wearing a strapless dress, you’ll likely need to find a secure strapless bra.

If your dress has a low back, you may need a convertible bra or an adhesive one. Luckily there are many options to choose from.

Make sure to test these garments out ahead of time. Nobody wants to have an obvious panty line.

5. Discuss a Budget Early

Whether you are providing all the money, or a parent is helping you out, a budget is a good thing to have when prom shopping.

One of the worst things that can happen is trying on and falling in love with a dress, but finding out its way over your budget.

To avoid this, let your salesperson know at the start so she or he can show you dresses within your price range.

If you stay within, or under, your budget, you can spend the extra money on completing your look. Consider some unique jewelry or special shoes.

Time to Start Prom Shopping

Now that you have some tips for shopping for prom this year, you are on your way to finding the dress of your dreams.

Wondering what steps to take next? Once you find a dress, you can start dreaming up the perfect prom hairstyle.

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