5 Indian Fashion Trends We Could All Learn from

//5 Indian Fashion Trends We Could All Learn from
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Lakme Fashion Week happens twice a year in Mumbai and features the work of close to 100 designers. It is the top fashion event in India that leads the charge on what women will be wearing in the upcoming months.

Indian fashion is known for being kind to women’s bodies. Most of the clothing accentuate the natural curves and lengthen the body.

We’ve put together a list of 8 of the latest fashion trends in India that can crossover into Western fashion. Go on and see how you can add some Bollywood charm to your summer wardrobe.

1. Indigo Print Dresses

The latest fashion trends in India are featuring clothing with indigo prints. From cotton sarees to kurtas, you’ll see indigo featuring large, bold prints dotting the scene.

We love this trend for summer because it reminds us of yachting but is a lot less stuffy. A cotton indigo swing dress that skims the knees is perfect for any summer day.

It’s nice and breezy so you don’t feel like your clothes are sticking to you during the hot days of July and August.

Best of all you can dress it up with a pair of strappy heels for a date. Or grab your sandals for a bonfire with your friends. You really can’t go wrong with a kurta-inspired dress or comfy, billowy blouse.

Are you ready to try the real deal? Shop now for gorgeous sarees that are sure to wow.

2. Capes & Ponchos

This is one of the latest fashion trends in India and we bet it’s here to stay.

We need more capes and ponchos in the Western hemisphere. For one thing, you can dress up your little black dress in a flash by adding an embellished sheer cape.

Check out Sonakshi Sinha sporting a studded silver poncho over a curvy gown. She went from glam to double bam!

A sheer poncho can transform just about any outfit in your closet. Check out 8 more style hacks that will bring freshness to your existing clothes.

Throw it over a solid tank top and a pair of jeans and people will be stopping you for autographs. Any dress in your wardrobe will get a fresh new look with a gorgeous accent cape or poncho.

What could be more romantic than an evening dress with a long trailing cape in a muted sheer shade?

3. Baby Pink and Baby Blue

If you talk about pink and blue in the same sentence, people will think you are talking about a gender reveal party. Fashion in India has moved these lovely hues out of the nursery and onto the runway.

Anushree Reddy dedicated an entire collection to the color pink. And every shade of both blue and pink was repeated shown during LFW SR18.

Shloka Sudhakar designed a powder blue blouse with a blush pink skirt. Both are lightly embedded with gemstones and sequins for a magical princess look we want to copy.

Why were these colors originally designated for babies? Who knows.

But there’s no denying that they are soothing, absolutely lovable shades. You’ll want to pull these items out of your closet again and again.

We suggest wearing them together. Put them next to each other and you’ll see. It’s like they were meant to go together!

4. Reinventing Nude

The color that is. Some time ago, the color nude fell out of top fashion’s good graces. It has since been demoted to boring ballet flats and pantyhose.

Well, fashion in India has reinvented nude in a chic new way. Nude and ivory went hand in hand at this season’s Lakme fashion week. The effect was a classically beautiful look that seemed unaffected.

Nude was present in both formal and casual wear.

Anamika Khanna showed a whole collection called Reinventing Nudes. Casual collections like those by Amoh by Jade showed off the clean lines of linen ivory.

You can get this look by going for a monochromatic outfit in a soothing shade of beige. Choose some palazzo pants and a loose-fitting blouse for a classically trendy look that will rival any celeb.

Everyone knows that white is a timeless choice. Shades of nude take neutrals to a whole new level.

Plus, nudes are flattering for any skin tone. Unlike white that can make under eye dark circles and bags look more pronounced, nudes makes your skin look dewy. Take advantage of that summer glow and show it off with some neutral nudes.

5. Sustainable Fashion

We all need to adopt this Indian fashion trend, today!

For the 13th time in a row, Lakme Fashion Week features Sustainable Fashion Day. Sustainability has become a buzzword in recent years in many industries. In the case of fashion, sustainability is about protecting the environment.

Sustainable fashion is also committed to making clothes ethically. It means putting a system in place that works to strengthen the local economy.

Having designers focus on eco-friendly fabrics and textiles is a big step in the right direction. Paris fashion week, take note. It’s time to up your game.

What can you do to support sustainable fashion? First of all, read the clothing tags when you shop. If items are made in Bangladesh and China, chances are high that this article of clothing was made in a sweatshop.

Instead, buy clothing from eco-friendly brands that care about sustainability and our planet.

From zero-waste policies to using non-toxic dyes and paying workers a fair wage, many companies are beginning to change the way we do fashion. It’s about time! Do your part to help by supporting those projects.

Bottom Line on Indian Fashion Trends

We hope you loved reading about the latest Indian fashion trends to come from Lakme fashion week.

Adding a few key pieces of clothing with Eastern glamour will refresh and energize your stale wardrobe for summer.

Next, read all about the 10 fabulous jewelry styles that are making waves this summer.

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