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It’s estimated that almost 85 million Americans will dress up and take part in the Halloween festivities this year.

Have you been looking for Halloween costumes but still haven’t found anything that strikes your fancy?

Whether you want to stand out from the rest or fit in with the rest of the trick-or-treat crowd – look no further – we have the perfect guide of Halloween costumes ideas that everyone will love.

1. Makeup Costumes

If you’ve got a gift with cosmetics, you may choose to bust out your brushes and palettes to transform yourself using makeup.

Because the costume is essentially the makeup artistry, you need very little else in the way of clothing or props to pull this look off.

Plus, with so many step-by-step videos on YouTube, even a less creative makeup artist can put together some very cool costumes (just remember to clean your face really well that night!)

Here are a few creative ideas to get you started:

  • Unicorn
  • Zombie
  • Spiderwoman

2. Pun Costumes

Are you the nerdy type that loves a play on words? Pun costumes are definitely for you.

The beauty of a pun costume is that they’re easy to put together, often using items you can find in your wardrobe and adding a creative twist.

Plus, you’ll save some money and still look great!

Here are three “punny” costume ideas to get everyone laughing:

  • Deviled egg
  • Grammar police
  • Fifty Shades of Grey

3. Sexy Costumes

Halloween is about self-expression and sometimes you want to reveal a little more of your provocative side.

Sexy Halloween costumes are a great way to vamp it up a little with no excuse needed.

Here are a few of classics you can wear to show some skin and feel your sexy best:

  • Schoolgirl
  • Leopard
  • Mermaid

4. Group Costumes

Heading out to a party in a group? Are you celebrating Halloween at work?

Sometimes pulling together a group costume is a great way to bond with the girls or use as a team-building exercise at work.

These ideas are simple, easy to pull together, and may just win you and your friends and coworkers first prize in the costume contest:

  • Minions
  • Six pack of La Croix
  • “Stranger Things” cast

5. Couples Costumes

If your significant other is just as into Halloween as you are, couples costumes are a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday together.

Hit the town together in family-themed, current pop culture references, or just some old school classic couples costumes.

Let’s get the two of you ready for the neighborhood Halloween party with a few creative ideas:

  • Danerys and John Snow from “Game of Thrones”
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Curious George and the Mani n the Yellow Hat

Choose any one of these costume ideas for a guaranteed Halloween hit that everyone will love!

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