5 Cute Ways to Customize Your Clothing

//5 Cute Ways to Customize Your Clothing
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Two nasty problems keep women down. Well, okay, there are more than two. But two can be solved here and now: the feeling of not having anything to wear, and wearing the same clothes as everyone else.

Customize your clothes!

How can we solve those problems? Easy. Read on!

A Billion Ways to Customize Your Clothes

Yes, there really are probably a billion ways to customize your clothes, right? Seriously, you can tailor clothing in about every way imaginable: shorten hems, lengthen hems with additional cute fabric, cut out shoulders for the “cold shoulder” look, remove sleeves, dye the fabric, etc, etc!

But who has time for numbers in the billions?

Let’s focus on FIVE totally cute ways instead.


Scissors are great for customizing T-shirts–and there’s no hemming involved later. You can easily cut out the collar to create a scoop neck or v-neck. Cut off the sleeves. Or fashion your T-shirt into a halter top. Practice first on an old one, though!

As far as fashion goes, hems move up and down year by year. Have a dress you used to love, but when you put it on now you feel like Queen Victoria?

Or, on the flip side, you pull out a dress you felt super hot in for years, only to discover it’s way too short for your current age?

Well, all is not lost for those dresses, provided the fabric is easy to work with. Cut off and re-hem the long one to a fashionable length.

And, if you’re working with one that’s too short, find a complimentary fabric and add on. It’ll give you a Bohemian look!


Adding patches is really fun–and patches are making a comeback!

Woven label clothing labels are an awesome way to customize your clothes. You can create a label for yourself, as if you have your own brand, or you can buy them to use as patches.

Patch your jeans, your jackets, your purse, just about anything! Guys can do it, too.


If you add embroidery to your clothes there’s really no way someone else can have the same item you do. If you’re new to embroidery, expect to need practice before you get it right.

But the possibilities are endless with this idea. You can add to jeans pockets, knees, the thigh, or try something elaborate on the shoulder of an old shirt.

Start small and before you know it, you’ll be an expert!


Simple and self-explanatory: add a pin or brooch to whatever you have on. These are great because every thrift store and antique dealer have pins galore to choose from.

The brooch is definitely back.

Home Screen Printing

Have a color printer? With the right paper, you can print out any design at all, and iron it onto your clothes. Anything.

Of course, if you look it up, there are more elaborate ways to “screen print” from home, and if you have the patience and time, it will look great.

No Need to be Bored

So, there’s just no need to be bored with your clothes. And there’s no reason you can’t have something that no one else is wearing. It’s up to you! Start adding and changing your clothes today–and never look like your friends and coworkers again!

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