5 Creative Ways to Make the Most of Your Wedding Photo Booth

//5 Creative Ways to Make the Most of Your Wedding Photo Booth
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Your wedding is all about the love you share with your life partner. As you prepare to take this step in your journey together, it’s nice to think of ways to make the experience memorable for all your guests, too.

This is part of the reason why so many brides dream of the perfect wedding decor and search endlessly to find the best DJs and/or live music for their big day. Your wedding is your time to shine, but it’s also the best chance to throw the best party ever.

Make sure you have a wedding photo booth to help everyone remember the special moments. If you’ve already planned for this, use the following tips to create the most unique photo booth experience possible.

1. Stock It with Props

Simple, classic pictures are fun and all, but it’s even better to take photos when there are props available. Make sure your wedding photo booth is fully stocked with everything from funky glasses and big hats to interesting signs that display wedding humor.

These turn the fun of taking photos up a notch, and they create hilarious memories for everyone to look back on.

2. Create Your Own Photo-Taking Items

As you’re choosing all the props for the photo booth, consider throwing in a few of your own. Make a couple of the signs specifically related to your wedding – like by writing your wedding hashtag or using a joke only your close friends and family would get.

This turns the fun of any old booth and makes it way more personal. It reminds guests that they’re here for your big day no matter what they’re doing during the celebrations.

3. Offer Different Backdrops

Another way to have some fun with the photo booth is to offer different backdrops. This gives your guests a bit of diversity – and an excuse to do the photo booth more than once!

A few backdrops keep the party going all night long. Make sure they’re all easy to interchange and setup so your guests don’t have to do any grunt work, though.

4. Let Your Guests Choose Their Filter

If it sounds like too much to get different backdrops, consider offering filters instead. You know these pictures are going to end up on Instagram anyway, so why not help guests by giving them the chance to print their photos in black and white or with enhanced color?

5. Turn the Wedding Photo Booth Images into Art

The final way to make your wedding photo booth a unique experience is to make it interactive. Create a photo wall at your wedding by inviting guests to print two sets of their photos and put one of them on the wall.

Think of it as an exciting, modern spin on the traditional wedding guest book. Guests can fill a big photo frame or create a heart shape or even a special saying by putting all their photos together.

You have to give them a bit of direction, of course. Have the outline set up next to the photo booth so that the only thing people have to do is find a place for their photo. By the end of the night, you’ll have a beautiful, unique artwork to take home with you!

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