4 Cute DIY Wedding Projects for the Budget Conscious Bride and Groom

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An average wedding in America will cost you over $30,000

If you’re looking to keep your wedding under budget but still charming, try out these DIY wedding projects!

If you’re a particularly crafty couple, you’ll love creating these DIY wedding project ideas together. If you’re artistically challenged, make sure to ask for a creative friend’s help!

1. Cheap Creative Centerpieces

Centerpieces aren’t cheap. These beautiful arrangements in the middle of your tables can cost up to $100 each

Why not create your own centerpieces using cheaper materials? Amazingly, the dollar store often has many pieces which would work for centerpieces. 

Look out for glass vases that you can fill with flowers – either fake or real, depending on how budget you want to go. 

Alternatively, why not choose something rustic? For example, choose a beautiful piece of wood and adorn it simply with candles, a few petals, and a small vase with a few cut flowers.

Pinterest is a great place to start looking when you’re trying to find cheap yet creative centerpiece ideas! 

2. Message in a Bottle for Your Anniversary

Forget the regular old guestbook idea, why not do something a little more DIY yet super cute and ask friends to leave you a message in a bottle?

All you need is a large bottle, paper, and pens. Leave a sign asking your friends and family to write down something they want you to know. 

Then, they should simply pop this secret message into the bottle. Don’t read these messages until your first anniversary! This idea is cute, quirky, and cheap!

3. Wedding Cakes Can Be Cheap

Who said wedding cakes should be so expensive and extravagant? If you’re someone who doesn’t like cake anyway, this can be such a waste of money.

Go down the DIY route and buy a cake tower. Instead of having a multilayered expensive cake, why not add some of your favorite snacks to this cake tower instead?

This way, you can ensure there is something at your wedding that YOU actually want to eat, rather than something that you think your loved ones will want.

Ideas for what you want to add to your cake tower include: 

  • Donuts
  • Fruit (strawberries work great!)
  • Cupcakes 
  • Cookies

By doing this, you have a much cheaper wedding cake that is still TALL. You could have a more traditional cake at the top to cut if you choose.

Don’t like cake or sweet snacks at all? Why not consider having a wedding cake that is simply many blocks of cheese stacked on top of each other?

4. Invitations Can Be Sent Electronically

Make your own wedding invitations and save on up to $500! No one really cares how beautiful the calligraphy of your invites is.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter whether you send out physical or electronic copies! So long as everyone you know and love gets a save the date card (or e-card), they should be happy! 

DIY Wedding Projects Can Be Fun

If you want to save money on your wedding, there is no better option than DIY wedding projects. 

A wedding shouldn’t be about throwing thousands of dollars away in one day. You have a new life with your loved one to build! This requires some cash too. 

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