2013 Fashion Trends For Women: What’s Strutting This Year?

//2013 Fashion Trends For Women: What’s Strutting This Year?

It is true that style is personal. What we wear greatly depends on how we feel or how we feel depends on what we wear. We may wear an outfit based on what we are feeling. At times, we choose an outfit depending on what feeling we wish to eel. For example, there are some clothes that will make you feel confident or happy. We owe the biggest part of our personal style on the various fashion trends that are circulating in the fashion industry. Most people think that trends are there to be followed. What we fail to realize is the fact that we follow trends not because these have to be followed but these trends serve as an inspiration to us. Most people analyze trends and think of ways on how they can adapt these to their personal style.

This 2013, what should people expect from the fashion industry? If you wish to know what the runways would be showcasing this year, just read on. Here are some 2013 fashion trends for women depending on the season:

Spring/ Summer Fashion Trends

Belted floral dress


This amazing trend combines casual and office wear. The belted floral dress will provide the comfort that casual wear provides and the elegance of an office attire. Belted floral dresses are quite romantic and feminine, cinched on the waist and has a longer hem (tea length/ above the knee length). Even though this dress is designed for office, its versatility will make it a perfect dress for all occasions.

Collarless blouses

Today, the office attire will go Mediterranean with the collarless blouses that will replace the stiff office blouses that we regularly see these days. Necklines of such blouses include plunging and high-necked.

Slashed neck tees

T-shirts that come in different colors and styles are made more fabulous and elegant with slashed neckline.

Luxe cuffs

This year, accessories will be experiencing an overhaul too. Instead of the usual solid metal, accessories will be more embellished and a lot more luxurious. Most wrist candies will have studs, chains, and various color accents.

Fall/ Winter Fashion Trends

Leisure suits

This year, prints rule the fashion world. This is evident in the collections of Miu Miu, Prada and many other designers. Leisure suits will come in bold, attention catching and vibrant prints.

Oriental prints

Western fashionistas love the oriental fashion ever since. Oriental fashion is all about details and excessive use of luxurious fabrics. In this trend, expect to see unusual prints and colors and unique tailoring. With this trend, any woman can look sexy without showing off too much skin.

Leather trend

We all know that leather is always in style. However, this trend is simply a lot more fashionable during cold weather. During fall and winter, fashion designers are focused on creating fashionable coats and skirts. Leather clothes are expected to come in various vibrant colors this season too.

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