20 Heel Sandals To Die For

//20 Heel Sandals To Die For

I read about fashion, about those women that are so into everything that is new on the market: clothes, shoes or accessories; about designers that are making us feel like we deserve more and more and they can satisfy us just by setting up another collection of their shoes. Well, the funny thing is when I am actually writing about it, and I’m saying this because even that I love to read fashion magazines in my free time, I’m not such a shopaholic girl. I do like to go to the mall when is payday and spend 50% of my salary on something that I really need, but I’m definitely not that girl that is going to the mall every week, just because she thinks that she should have more clothes or shoes in her wardrobe. I’d like to think that I know how to spend my money, or better said, I’m smart in spending money. But, because spring is here and obviously is telling us that we need to have a look in our summer shoes, and also in what’s new in 2015, here we are…talking about sandals, heel sandals – and the good thing is that we are definitely allowed to spend more because is the first investment for the summer season, right?

So, today we are focusing on heel sandals that we really need to have them in our collection, those sandals that we could die for! Let’s get started, shall we?

Here you have the 20 heel sandals to die for this spring/summer:

# 1 Luis Antonio

louis antonio sandalsFound on natureofdesign.weebly.com

I choose Luis Antonio’s sandals to begin with, because of the colour. I do have a problem when is coming to colours (I bet that I’m not the only one, am I?), all my shoes/sandals are in dark colours, so this year I will make a change.This is a good start, right?


#2 Privileged


 Found on heels.com

Colourful sandals for a colourful season! Privileged made a statement already: summer is all about colours – as we can see in this pair of beauties!

#3 Dolce Vita


Found on heels.com

Multi-task sandals. Perfect for a day out, school, work or a nice walk. Everyone should own at least one pair of  DV sandals! remember- it’s never too late…

#4 Altuzarra


 Found on hausofrihanna.com

Classic, elegant and uber-modern, all in one pair of heeled sandals. Nothing can go wrong with a pair of sandals like this. Try them with a tea length skirt and a simple shirt.

#5 Fergie Raegan


                                                    Found on: heels.com

Elegant and seductive look with a delicate gold strap, just perfect for a summer event!

#6 Dolce Vita


                                                 Found on: heels.com

Block heels are so fashionable and easy to wear. By now I think everyone have a pair of these; if not, I’m telling you – is a must and you will love it!

#7 Alejandro Ingelmo

alejd4005313162_q1_1-0._QL90_UX336_Found on shopbop.com

Nothing more than WOW! No words needed, do you agree?

#8 Steve Madden

STEVE MADEN  Found on heels.com

Iggy Azalea by Steve Madden presents a fabric upper with floral and zip up vamp; gorgeous, playful, easy to wear- you name it. No doubt that everyone will turn their head to look at your shoes!


#9 Casadei

casadei 70' 2Found on casadei.com

Gorgeous haute couture style with floral inspiration from Casadei, just perfect for a skirt and simple t-shirt on a summer day. Love it!

#10 Fendi

FENDIFound on mytheresa.com

Clothes, accessories and now shoes, monochrome is everywhere. If you love 70’s, FENDI will be one of your best friends. Is so simple to uplift basic outfits!

#11 Hugo Boss

hugo boss Found on elleuk.com

Elegantly feminine charm in one pair of sandals by HUGO BOSS. Open high heel, open toe, rounded shape, also very comfy look, yes – glorious sandals!
michael antonioFound on heels.com

A summer day out? I can see myself with a loose t-shirt, some jeans and a pair of Michael Antonio sandals; what about your outfit for a summer day out?

#13 Francesco Russo

Francesco Russo Found on mytheresa.com

 Apparently a classic pair of sandals Francesco Russo can make our summer gorgeous.  Pin-thin stiletto heel that comes with a perfect combination of leopard-print calf hair. Perfect for a wild summer, right?


#14 Privileged

IGGYFound on heels.com

If you are a confident person with a strong personality and love colours, here is your answer! Privileged can definitely make your summer crazy, colourful and, of course, unforgettable; but…do you dare to wear?

#15 Philip Lim

philip lim Found on elleuk.com

Awesome! Philip Lim really made something special for us. Feminine, strong and natural look all in one pair of sandals with a cupped footbed and, of course, high heels. I love the colour (peach-oyster), don’t you?

#16 Gucci

GucciFound on mytheresa.com

 Hair undone, summer dress and a pair of GUCCI sandals. You can make your summer so simple, give it a try!

#17 Christian Louboutin

Christian LouboutinFound on mytheresa.com

Indeed, Christian Louboutin’s sandals are a playful way to shine after dark. Delicate straps, glittered-leather, heels – who needs more than that?

#18 Oscar de la Renta

oscar de la renta

  Found on fashionisers.com

Oscar de la Renta rocks! Chic, glamour, impressive, breathtaking and delicate details: feathers. Really looks like a good investment for the summer season, right?!

#19 Monique Lhuillier


Found on fashionisers.com

Monique Lhuillier supposed to be my sandals-brand for the summer season, but they don’t make my size, too bad! I love the clear heels and even that they are high, are really comfortable to walk in- guarantee!

# 20 Acne Studios

acne studios

Found on net-a-porter.com

If you want a casual look or something that you could wear it everyday, Acne Studios made the perfect casual sandals. Open toe design, red faux bamboo heel and beige stretch-canvas. ”Yummy” shoes!

By now, we learned that sandals are the most revealing types of shoes. They come in many shapes in forms and they are always strappy. High heel, platform or medium heel sandals- are a must have for a girl! Even if you can’t wear them everyday, because you’re schedule doesn’t fit to you’re heels, I’m sure that eventually you will find some time to wear a pair of heels. So, until then, I’m letting you choose from our 20 Heel Sandals To Die For and after make your own collection that you could die for!

Which one are your favourites?

Comment bellow and share your opinion!

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