14 Oxford Shoes To Brag About

//14 Oxford Shoes To Brag About

Oxford shoes are all about combining the masculine chic and elegance, into our feminine wardrobe. Whether you think about pairing them up with your all masculine inspired attire, or with your most girly outfit, you cannot go wrong with a pair of these.

A must in any wardrobe, Oxford shoes provide any woman with a special amount of coziness, style and geeky romance. Even though the term “geeky romance” does not seem to sound well, the fact that they look a little bit towards the nerdy side of fashion, and this is exactly why we love them more. Well, at least besides the fact that they are most of the time flat, this making our feet thank us a million when choosing the brogues over our go-to pair of heels.


However, as we have got you used already, we need to talk a little bit about how the Oxford shoes got into fashion in the first place, right?


Making their first appearance in Scotland and Ireland, the Oxford shoes were first called Balmorals, after the Balmoral Castle, and only later became Oxford shoes, from their association with Oxford University. They were classy and shorter than the boots worn in the 1800 when they first surfaced and this is what brought them to greater fame.

The Oxford shoes were not famous for women until early 20th century, around 1920s and later on greater popularity in the 1940s-1950s. Because they are derived from menswear, they might seem a little bit stricter in terms of appearance, but there are so many types of them that basically any woman, with any style could find a type that fits her personality.

Hopefully this short history puts you in context and here are our lovely 14 different models of them, models that we love.

#1 Totally flat

image1xxl (1)

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More of the brogue style, these ones have no heels whatsoever, just plain flat Oxford shoes. Comfortable to wear and most of the time very easy to carry around and very light, these ones are a dream for your feet. Your casual day just gets better with them on!

#2 Heels anyone?

image2xxl (1)

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Because why not heels? Oxford shoes don’t only come in a flat version, there are several types of heeled ones. These can take the place of your usual short boots and give an extra flare and chic to your feet.


#3 Sheer lace ups

image3xxl (2)

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Sheer is great on everything and it looks especially great on shoes, so these Oxford shoes have upped their chic factor with a great material combination. We love it!

#4 Lace up espadrilles

image2xxl (2)

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When your laces annoy you all the time, it is better to know that you can actually find slip-on brogues in any color or model. They look interesting and also, there are no more laces to bother you everytime you take a step.

#5 We like them crazy


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Because crazy is the new chic sometimes, why not opt for one of these pairs? Crazy prints, or spikes or even material combination can get your simple outfit to new heights of chicness. Crazy or not, these ones are simply amazing and will make your feet stand out in the crowd for sure.

#6 Be refined


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Refinement does not only include your clothes, but your shoes as well. Pair these amazing Oxford shoes with an all black outfit and you are going to master a perfectly classy and chic elegance like no other.

#7 Cut-out mania begins

image2xxl (6)

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Who does not love cut-outs? They are great. show some skin and add a little bit of skin mystery to our bodies. The same goes for our shoes, these cut-out beauties are great for your feet, besides letting extra air get through, they show some skin and give your feet and interesting aura.

#8 Metallics are the best


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Oh Metallics! We absolutely adore them! They work out with everything, they are elegant and great on your feet, especially on your newly tanned feet. These beauts are a must of the season and can be worn until autumn with absolutely no problem. Go for leather ones, for extra resistance and you are set.


#9 We love all the pretty colours

image2xxl (3)

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All the pretty colors please come to us this season! Oxford shoes do not exist only in black and brown as we were used to. They come in all the colors of the rainbow for all that matters. Amazing for creating a color-block outfit, or why not, for having a splash of color in an apparently bland outfit. Go for the craziest colors and stand out from the crowd!

#10 Pointy toe, please



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Because there had to be pointy toe ones, here they are! Put them together with anything and your feet will seem elongated and beautiful. They add and extra elegance to any outfit ad you can easily match them with what you are wearing.

#11 Printed chic

image3xxl (3)

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Because it is already warm and nice, prints are a perfect choice for your shoes. Adding a splash of color, or simply making things more interesting, printed brogues are your best friend, especially when the weather gets colder and you want to look at your shoes and smile.


#12 The Mafia is here


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One of my favorite types of Oxford shoes are the Mafia inspired ones. Whether you go for black and white or for brown and beige, these shoes are amazing! Elegant like no other, these ones are just perfect for any day!

#13 Don’t be afraid to sparkle


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Don’t ever be afraid to sparkle, dear reader! Shoes are the perfect way to add a little sparkle to your outfit, and brogues come in this material as well. Pair these with simple outfits and let them stand out from the crowd.

#14 Platform brogues are needed

image1xxl (2)

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If you feel like the simple flat brogues are not your type of shoes, or that the held ones are simply too uncomfortable, go for platform Oxford shoes and you will not regret it! Stylish, yet comfortable, they give you an extra height, but they also look good on your feet, so why not?

What’s you favorite style of Oxford Shoes?

Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget sharing is caring!

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