10 Women’s Sportswear Trends From Fashion Weeks Across the Globe

//10 Women’s Sportswear Trends From Fashion Weeks Across the Globe
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Fashion Week is basically the Super Bowl of clothing design – but better! It happens multiple times a year at more than one location, and it never gets old.

Fashion Week is when the biggest names in fashion come together to showcase their amazing creations to the world. It’s where new trends catch on like wildfire and where timeless looks come out to play, too.

This is the best source to draw your style inspiration from, especially if you’re someone who likes to wear the latest looks. Sportswear styles dominated Fashion Week this year, and lucky for you, we have all the top trends listed below.

Here are the 10 best women’s sportswear trends you need to add to your closet right now.

1. Sweatpant-Like Jeans

Most track pants have a set of straight lines going down the side. There’s not much rhyme or reason behind this other than it looks cool and that it’s an age-old trend.

But, designers have started putting similar straight lines down the side of jeans and we can’t get enough of it. High-end denim designers and everyday clothing stores alike are all about this trend. They’re stitching colored lines on their pants to create texture and add a little extra visual appeal.

2. Dressed-Up Sweats

It takes someone who understands style and is willing to take risks to go out in sweats without looking like they just rolled out of bed. Some women at Fashion Week were even spotted wearing them like trousers; they paired sweats with a tucked-in shirt and a blazer to create a fun, yet sophisticated look.

Other ways to dress up sweats include pairing them with heels or looking for an embroidered sweatshirt – like this stunning Gucci design.

3. Dad Shoes

Remember your dad’s chunky white Reeboks from the 90s?

They’re back, and they’re everywhere. Women all over the world are loving their dad shoes. They’re pairing them with sweatpants, skinny jeans, and even dresses.

Most women already have more than one pair of these. You can opt for the classic white sneaker or find something more fun and colorful like these Sketchers running shoes. But, you’re making a big mistake if you don’t get your hands on a pair soon.

4. Rocking High Socks with Everything

A lot of athletes like to wear high socks when they practice or get ready for a game. It’s part of the uniform in some sports, but it’s also a common sportswear trend to see in the average gym.

Now, high socks are coming out of the locker room and onto the streets.

They can be worn with classic sneakers for a fun casual look or slipped on before stepping into a pair of heels. It may sound a little out-there, but it’s not such a crazy fashion trend when you realize everyone’s doing it.

5. Statement Slides

Slides are another classic piece of athletic wear that’s becoming more and more popular in the fashion world at large. Slides are basically sandals without a strap for your toes or your ankle. They’re held in place by a thick strap that goes across the top of your foot.

Athletes love them for how comfortable they feel after exerting so much energy, and because of the fact that switching to slides keeps game shoes from wearing out. Fashionistas love them because they feel like slippers and look super cute with pretty much anything!

6. Sporty Swimwear

Speaking of beachwear, have you noticed a change in swimsuits this year?

A lot of designers opted for a more sporty look when cutting their swim tops this summer, and it’s a trend you can expect to see again in 2019. This accentuates your upper body muscles as well as your womanly curves.

A sporty swim cut is one that looks more like an athletic bra than a classic triangle top. Picture a bandeau with straps and you kind of get the idea.

7. Cycle Shorts

This is arguably the most interesting women’s sportswear trend of all. Cycle shorts are in, and we can thank Kim Kardashian for that one.

She was spotted wearing them a few times, then women everywhere started buying them. Cycle shorts are showing up at the gym, in the grocery store, and at brunch! Love it or hate it, this trend is going to be around for a while.

8. 80’s Gym Styles

The last time cycle shorts were this hot was in the 80’s when everyone was watching workout videos and wearing leg warmers. Although some things are better left in the past, there’s definitely an 80’s influence happening in fashion right now.

Just think of all the oversized sweaters you see women wearing. Lots of women are pairing these with even thicker jackets, or they’re cutting them into crop tops and matching them with high-waisted athletic leggings. Other 80’s styles making a comeback include the use of bright colors, pants with a high hemline, and bomber jackets.

9. Seamless Details

This sportswear trend is a little harder to notice, but it’s still one worth paying attention to. Lots of athleisure looks are now being made with a seamless design.

This means it’s harder to see the stitching on leggings and tops and the comfort is enhanced, too. There’s a higher demand for shoes that feel like socks and tops and bottoms that look like they’ve been made with one single piece of fabric.

10. Mixing and Matching

The best trends are the ones that can easily be incorporated into the looks you already have. They’re unique and original but also versatile and fun.

As far as the women’s sportswear of today goes, the best way to rock this style is to mix and match it. Try to dress up your go-to athleisure clothes by pairing them with fun accessories and trying a little harder with your hair and makeup.

Don’t be afraid to take a bit of a risk – like pairing dad sneakers with your favorite sundress or throwing on a jean jacket when going out in sweatpants.

Women’s Sportswear in the Gym & on the Streets

The better you get at mixing and matching your women’s sportswear looks, the more opportunities you’re creating for yourself.

This means you can start wearing your favorite athletic pieces to brunch and on date night. A few little changes can totally transform your style and give you suitable outfit choices for all kinds of occasions.

For more style tips to help you rock these trends and other hot fashions, click here.

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