10 Tips for Coming up with Your Own Cool Tattoo Designs

//10 Tips for Coming up with Your Own Cool Tattoo Designs
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Nearly half of all adults in the United States have at least one tattoo on their body.

Tattoos are a great way to show off your personality and represent yourself, no matter what you want.

With endless options, how can you be sure that you found the right tattoo design, that you will want forever?

Scroll down to learn some of the best tips on creating cool tattoo designs. Along with a couple of mistakes to avoid when getting a tattoo.

1. Pick the Location

If you are planning to create a custom tattoo, one of the first things that you should consider is where you want it.

Some people may want to think of their career when deciding this part. It is also important to think about how pain will affect you. Many people, for example, want tattoos on their feet, but don’t realize they can’t wear shoes for some time.

2. Think of a Something Meaningful

Any tattoo that you put on your body should have meaning, especially because it will be there forever.

Take time to consider what is most important to you in life that will carry over into your older age. Even if you do a simple symbol or image that represents something meaningful, it should still have a purpose.

3. Pick a Style

The style of your tattoo is another factor that you should consider before getting inked.

The internet is a great resource to explore when deciding your tattoo style. Tribal, realistic, traditional, and geometric are a few popular styles to choose from. Many people base the style of the tattoo on the design.

When drawing out your design you will also develop a style.

4. Take Your Time

Once you have the tattoo on your body, there isn’t any going back.

It is extremely important to take your time and be patient throughout the entire tattoo designing process. Rushing the design can lead to an unwanted tattoo that you don’t connect with.

Never rush your artist while getting the tattoo. It is an art that takes time and patience.

5. Ask for a Draft

When you start searching for an artist you should bring your design.

This will give the artist the chance to draft the design, on the preferred location, to determine if it is what you want. Some places may require you to pay for this opportunity, but it is often worth it.

Getting drafts from various artists will also open your eyes to other perspectives and ideas.

6. Decide on Color

Depending on the type of tattoo you get, you may want to incorporate color in it.

Black, or dark, tattoos are good to go with it you have darker shades of skin. It also stands out and looks clean. Colored tattoos look cool and can have an awesome effect but may fade faster than the black.

Regardless of the color, your tattoo will require touch-ups. Colored tattoos just may need the touch-up sooner.

7. Combine Your Ideas

One of the best ways to create a cool tattoo is to make it unique to you.

You can incorporate as many pieces of you as you want into a tattoo. This will give every line a purpose and can reflect who you are. Some people use symbols within pictures to have a double meaning.

Don’t be afraid to mess around with all of your ideas. An artist may also find ways to connect your ideas as well.

8. Save up Your Money

Tattoos can become expensive, especially if the are large and full of detail.

If you know you want a custom tattoo, you should already have money saved up or should start. Custom tattoos often require more time and care than standard ones picked out of a book.

Try to get tattoo quotes from artists to avoid being blindsided to the cost.

9. Find Inspiration

Another good tip that can help you come up with your cool design is to find inspiration.

Going to the museum, looking online, and drawing are all excellent ways to inspire creativity and inspiration for your design. Some people get inspiration from traveling and exploring nature.

You can find your inspiration where your heart takes you.

10. Consider the Dimensions

The size of your tattoo is important to know when coming up with your design.

The larger the tattoo, the more space, and detail it can have. Smaller tattoos are typically easy because it is difficult to get fine details in small areas. Depending on where you want your tattoo on your body, you will have to consider the size.

Not so Cool Tattoo Designs

There are many ways to create cool tattoo designs, but there are also some mistakes that have been made that weren’t so cool.

Of all the people that have one or more tattoos, 78% of them regret their ink.

To avoid regretting your masterpiece, you may want to double-check any spelling or drafts before the artist begins. This is your chance to fix any errors made on your end, always look it over.

Putting names of significant others has also been regretted by more than a couple of people.

Homemade tattoos and bad drawings can also make you want to hide your ink. Always research before and during your tattoo process.

Get Inked

Now that you have all of these helpful tips, you can begin drafting cool tattoo designs.

It is important to always take your time and do research when getting a tattoo. You should have several drafts of your design and know the style that you want.

What you get inked will be on your body for good so it is crucial to find something meaningful. Don’t get caught up in the excitement that you don’t forget to spell check your tattoo either!

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