10 Interior Renovation Ideas to Add Value to Your Home

//10 Interior Renovation Ideas to Add Value to Your Home
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Whether you’ve recently purchased a house that needs updates, or you’re looking to add improvements to your current space, there’s no doubt that renovations can add style, function, and value to a home.

Renovations can be large and time-consuming (like a new roof or floor plan), or they can be simple and easy to DIY (like new tile around a fireplace.) But whether big or small, we all spend countless hours at home each day, so these improvements are worth your time and money.

Read on to learn about 10 interior renovation ideas that you can consider today for your own home.

1. Open Your Space

For many years, open floor plans have been all the rage. This concept allows families to better interact during meals and downtime, and open plans are visually appealing, too.

To incorporate this idea into your own interior renovations, consider where you can remove or widen existing walls. This is especially true in the kitchen, dining and living areas. These newly-open areas can be replaced with kitchen islands, dual-sided fireplaces, or nothing at all.

But a word of warning: before proceeding, consult with a structural engineer who can assist with the movement or removal of load-bearing walls.

2. Install Wood-Like Flooring

These days, no one likes the dirt, grime, and odor that collects on traditional carpeted floors. There are a number of alternatives to consider, including real wood or bamboo floors; vinyl or laminate flooring; or wood-like tiling. These options are especially great if you’re going for the natural, neutral home decor look.

Flooring options such as these have a number of advantages, including easy clean-up of spills, dirt, and pet hair. Solid flooring also tends to make spaces feel larger. Accessorize your new flooring with decorative rugs to bring in that cozy atmosphere and reduce echoes in your home.

3. Plantation Shutters Are a Classic Upgrade

Plantation shutters are a traditional, beautiful option for interior renovations. They also save on energy costs, since they provide an extra layer of protection between the exterior windows and the inside of your home.

Plantation shutters often need to be custom-fit and installed by a professional, and they will stay with your home if you decide to sell. The benefit to this? Unlike other window treatments, plantation shutters increase a home’s value, and most buyers will consider shutters a definite perk.

4. Refinish & Paint Existing Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to brighten and update your kitchen, don’t fret. An entire kitchen remodel probably isn’t needed!

For many homeowners, a simple refresh of kitchen cabinets can do the trick. This can be a DIY job, too. White cabinets are a classic, clean look. Gray is also popular, or cream colors.

Consider sanding and staining/painting cabinets, and swapping out handles. Once your existing cabinets have been refinished, you’ll be thrilled with the new look (and the cash you saved!)

5. Install New Countertops

If you’re happy with your existing cabinets but you still want a fresh look for your kitchen, the installation of new countertops may do the trick. This is a popular interior renovation idea, but you probably need to hire a professional.

Popular options include granite, quartz, or a blend of quartz and resin. Any of these choices will reward you during re-sale. Steer clear of marble (which is infamously difficult to maintain in a well-used kitchen) and laminate (which won’t get you much from a resale.)

6. Cozy Up With a Fireplace After Your Interior Renovation

If it’s a cozy space you’re looking for in your home, you can’t go wrong with a fireplace. Even a faux fireplace can offer a warm, comforting effect in a living area.

Consider the installation of a fireplace and hearth, or if you already have a fireplace, you may be interested in simply re-doing the tile and wood surrounding. If it’s a simple makeover you desire, another option to consider is the marble fireplaces from Westland Antiques.

7. Replace Existing Hardware

This is another great DIY option that can be done in bathrooms, the kitchen, and on doors around the house. Replace old, existing hardware (think brass or varnished silver) with newer, updated hardware like bronze or brushed steel.

In bathrooms, this hardware includes towel racks, toilet paper holders, and cabinet pulls. In kitchens, this hardware consists primarily of cabinet pulls. Throughout the rest of your home, this includes fan and light kits, and door knobs.

8. Get Creative with Lighting

This is one of the most fun interior renovations for most homeowners. There are endless lighting options including track lighting (a modern, sleek option) or chandeliers for bedrooms and dining rooms (an elegant, fun display.)

Under- or above-cabinet lighting is easy to install, and colored bulbs can be incorporated during special occasions and holidays.

Be sure to check out energy-saving light bulbs, too. LED bulbs are more expensive, but they use less energy and many have lengthy warranties so that you may never need to replace the bulb again.

9. Swap Out Bathroom Vanities

Think you need a contractor to do a bathroom remodel? Think again.

Big home stores and local outlets sell bathroom vanity kits, which look like custom, built-in options. They’re easy to install and require minimal knowledge of plumbing.

With a new bathroom vanity and a fresh coat of paint, we promise that your bathroom won’t look the same. It’s an easy project for a weekend, and not too harsh on the wallet.

10. Re-Think Doors & Windows

There are endless options here, but doors and windows shouldn’t be overlooked during interior renovations. They add lasting value to a house as well as reduce energy costs.

If you live in a climate with extreme temperatures, windows keep heating and AC costs lower. Additionally, homeowners in hurricane-prone areas like Florida can benefit from insurance costs when installing impact-resistant windows.

French doors (interior or exterior) make a beautiful addition, too.

Whether you choose to make a few small updates or completely overhaul your home, you will love incorporating fresh features and a new look into your home. Check out our other home style ideas to make your home the perfect retreat you’ve always dreamed of.

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