10 Inspirational Spring Outfits to Try on Once Winter Takes a Hike

//10 Inspirational Spring Outfits to Try on Once Winter Takes a Hike
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It’s hard to feel fashionable when you are bundled up with layers against the cold! But fear not-  spring is on its way, and the designers have already been showing off great looks for spring 2019 on their runways. 

Fashion presents a mixture of both escapism and a mirror to what is going on in the world, and spring outfits for 2019 are no exception. You will see designers show a variety of approaches to the current state of affairs, all intended to provide both a sense of fun and comfort and a protective shield against next year’s uncertainty.

Here are ten cool styles for spring outfits which will get you excited to take on the warmer weather and whatever else the future holds. 

1.Princess Dresses 

Both the top luxury brands and more independent labels are pushing a feminine look for spring, epitomized by the “princess dress.” 

Defined by soft colors, ruffles and lace, the princess dress makes you feel feminine and pretty. With the turmoil #MeToo still impacting every aspect of women’s lives, it is nice to harken back to a simpler time when everything seemed lovely, safe and enchanted. 

2. Rubber 

On the other end of the spectrum, some designers are showcasing a more protective look. Rubber is appearing as a trend for 2019 amongst fashionistas, perhaps for its symbolism of resilience and durability. It’s also practical for rainwear like trench coats and boots.

Calvin Klein is one icon who is pioneering the use of this fabric. He is using it for haute couture dresses and shoes which evoke the dishwashing gloves of your mother’s era with a wink at the punk and fetish clothes of the ’70s.

3. Fanny Packs

For years the humble fanny pack connoted ugly American tourists and mall walkers. Now it has roared back into high style. 

Of course the hands-free convenience of the fanny pack-  now called a “belt bag”-  is what made it appealing in the first place. Now designers like the Olsen twins and Fendi have remembered what made the style a ht thirty years ago,  and they are bringing it back in lux materials.

People are wearing them around their shoulders more often now, so they probably can’t be called a fanny pack anymore. 

4. Bomber Jackets

Indie designers often look to the streets for inspiration, and they seem to be taking cues from a revival of another once-popular style. 

Bomber jackets are now being offered in a rainbow of colors and patterns. Many of them display psychedelic imagery that throws back to the hippie days, with calls for more peace and love. And who doesn’t need more of that? 

5. Genderless Clothes 

Gender is increasingly seen as a fluid concept, and fashion for spring 2019 is reflecting that openness. There are more transgender models on the runways. And the clothes fall less into a strict male/female binary. 

For spring you will see more examples of gender-neutral outfits like loosely fitted blazers and pants. Retailers like H & M now have displays of asexual clothing which is tailored to fit both males and females.   

It’s all about being comfortable- in your clothes and in your skin. 

6. Long Jackets 

Spring 2019 heralds a fresh approach to lengths, often with long flowing jackets worn over shorts or miniskirts. The shirts or jackets may be transparent or lacey, showing the skin underneath while still remaining a bit covered up.

These long jackets or sweaters can be in macrame or fringe, showing that the sixties craze is not yet over. They also look great over a new trend that seems to be surfacing this season: biker shorts. 

7. White Tanks 

Marlon Brando made the “wife-beater,” sexy in “Streetcar Named Desire.” However,  the slang name for the classic white racerback T is probably not very politically correct anymore. But women have reclaimed this classic fashion staple for their very own. 

Its versatility and iconic design make it appropriate under many different kinds of outfits from a professional business suit to a leather jacket. Easy to wash, sexy to wear-  a classic sleeveless white t-shirt is an important item for your closet this and most every season. 

8. Unusual Necklines 

Our fashion scouts spotted some unusual necklines on the runways this season,  ranging from dramatic square cuts,one-shouldered tops and assymetical shapes which show off the clavicles and deltoids.

Geometric lines can be strong statements that this is a woman not to be messed with. She can show off her bosom and cut you off at the knees in one fell swoop. 

These dramatic details can also show off a stunning piece of signature jewelry like a pendant necklace or large chandelier earrings. 

9. Beige 

Black is beautiful but if you have been wearing dark tones all winter, you may be relieved to hear that beige is big this spring. Neutral tones from bone to tan, ecru to nude, and sand to oatmeal are showing up in all sorts of fabrics.

Dior and Chloe are just two of the big league fashion houses which showed earth tones in their spring 2019 lines. You can usually find at least one beige tone that works well with your skin’s hues because there are so many different variations. 

10.  Straw Hats 

Is it another throwback to a simpler time? The large floppy straw hat may evoke sleepy summer days, or strolling around the Tara plantation. 

However,  straw hats also serve a utilitarian function. Wide-brimmed hats protect the skin against harmful UV rays- a necessary protection when even suntan lotions are proving to be harmful to the environment. Plus, the open weave and light weight of straw keep heads cool even in the hottest of climes.

Spring Outfits: Let the Sun Shine In and Strut Your Stuff 

Just a few months to go and we can throw off the heavy wools and puffy coats of winter and show off our spring outfits. Whether you go for a classic look or something a bit more outre, you will be sure to be ready for the longer days and sweeter temperatures if you check out some of these new trends.

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