10 Home Remodelling Ideas to Get You Inspired

//10 Home Remodelling Ideas to Get You Inspired
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There is never a better time to spruce up your surroundings than right now! It’s amazing how a few small changes and improvements can change the whole room and lift your spirits.

You can find remodeling ideas everywhere: In magazines, at your friend’s home, off your favorite television program. These changes don’t need to be expensive to change the whole look and feel of the room.

Let’s take a look at how some simple, easy remodeling ideas can give you and your home a new lease on life.

1. Paint

Paint on the walls, paint the doors, paint the ceilings, paint the town red!

It isn’t just about painting it all a different color. You can paint fun animals or fun, bright colors in the baby’s room. Use two complimentary colors you love to paint stripes to give depth and texture.

This is a great and inexpensive way to reinvent the bathroom or the kitchen. It can brighten and give the appearance of more space. Paint the cupboards, the walls the works!

If there is already wallpaper on the walls, you can remove it or if it is textured, you can paint it for a funky new look.

2. Light Fixtures

Changing the lights and lamps in your home is another great idea for brightening and enhancing a dark or drab room. Replacing old or dark covers can really add a great feel to a room.

Changing your lamps is another easy remodeling idea. Get them all matching each other or the rest of the room’s decor. You can also simply replace light bulbs, as different wattages or colors will really change the mood and the feel of your room.

3. Floors

Replacing floors a really good remodeling idea. Replacing or removing old carpeting, replacing tired linoleum with hardwood or nice ceramic or porcelain tiles, can make all the difference to a dull room.

It can give the appearance of space, of warmth or just make you want to spend more time in there. For more info, check out these great flooring ideas.

4. Windows

You don’t have to replace the entire window to get the desired effect. Some great window dressings, new blinds or curtains, maybe just some brightly colored sheers can make all the difference to a boring room.

New curtains can allow more light in, give the appearance of more space and bring out the colors of other furniture in the room.

Dressing up the window frames is also an easy and effective remodeling idea, to add color, life, and texture. Sometimes a remodeled room just makes you feel better. Make it a space to go and relax.

5. Bathrooms

We spend a lot of our time in our bathrooms, it just makes sense to have a beautiful space to go. Replacing old fixtures lie taps or stained mirrors can really brighten up the room.

Putting in new sinks or tubs can also gove the room an easy and inexpensive makeover. If sinks are chipped or stained, it can make the room seem old and even dirty.

Fun decals in the tub or shower can add a simple splash of fun and color, which can make cath time for the young ones a lot easier. Fresh paint, new floors, a fresh new curtain on the window, it can breath new life into a tired old room.

6. Kitchens

We probably spend more time in our kitchens than anywhere. It’s amazing how a few simple remodeling ideas can transform the whole space. New floors alone can really bring the room to life.

New furniture, some fresh new paint on the walls, replacing old appliances is another way to make the kitchen look new and loved. The fixtures, like taps and cupboard handles, can easily be replaced and will add so much new sparkle.

Good lighting with nice lighting fixtures, an open window with new treatments and a few personal home touches can take your tire kitchen to a new room you want to spend more time in.

7. Bedrooms

Another room we tend to spend our time in, it’s really important your bedroom be comfortable and welcoming. We use this space to relax, to sleep and to love.

Some soft colors on the bed, with soft calming paint or nice wallpaper, can make the room relaxing and inviting.

Soft carpets on the floor keep the noise down and feel so nice and comforting on your feet.

Remodeling ideas for the bedroom are vast, but it really comes down to what you want. Easy colors and patterns are best to help you relax after your long day and help you drift off to sleep.

Remodeling Ideas for the Exterior

If you have an outdoor space, it is important to include that in your remodeling plans. It can give the home a welcoming feel.

8. Patios

The patio can always use a little help. There are fantastic sets of outdoor furniture available, complete with umbrellas and other accessories. A bit of paint can keep that space looking great and inviting.

9. Flowers

A flower bed, a few potted plants or a few window boxes with blooms make such a difference. It gives a slash of life and color and makes you feel good to see them and smell them.

10. Siding

Regardless of what material your house is made of, you can always spruce it up. Get the brickwork washed and repaired to make the house look loved and twenty years younger.

Paint the siding, the doors, the window frames, the steps, the gate and the fence, paint it all! It’s the first thing people see when they approach your house, you want it to look nice and it’s an easy step for remodeling ideas.

Love where you Live

A little time and effort can make the world of difference to your home and it doesn’t need to break the bank. You can find great ideas anywhere you are inspired. Check us out for more ideas!

Be adventurous and experiment with colors and textures to see what makes the whole room pop. It’s really up to you how far you want to go, but you can do it without going broke.

Happy decorating!

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