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Don’t know where to travel next?

You should consider visiting Vietnam. This country is home to some of the world’s most beautiful natural landscapes and rich in culture. Whether you like a natural or city vibe, Vietnam has something for everyone.

If you don’t believe us, take a look at these 10 places to visit in Vietnam.

1. Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam and it’s located near the banks of the Red River. Since Hanoi is one of the most well-preserved ancient capitals, travelers can experience French-colonial architecture in all its glory.

This capital city is in our top places to visit in Vietnam due to its authentic and rich food scene, artisanal shops, and vibrant nightlife.

It is also a city with a rich multicultural community with French, Chinese, and Russian communities. Hanoi has something for everyone.

2. Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay made the UNESCO World Heritage List because of its natural beauty that has been unaffected by humans.

This bay is located right on the Gulf of Tonkin in northeastern Vietnam. It’s a popular tourist destination due to its unique beauty. Visitors come to experience the tropical climate while they enjoy one of the most unique seascapes in the world.

It’s made up of 1600 islands that are uninhabited for the most part.

3. Phong Nha-Ke National Park

Another UNESCO recognized site, Phong Nha-Ke National Park, is a natural wonder.

People love to visit this national park and take in all the natural beauty of all the caves and grottos.

The Song Dong, the world’s largest cave, calls this national park its home. Inside this cave, there is an underground river 13 meters long.

Visitors enjoyed touring the caves and grottos and take in the stalactite and stalagmite formations.

You’ll also be able to swim in the unspoiled turquoise waters surrounded by the jungle. Not to mention you’ll get a chance to observe the exotic wildlife.

4. Phu Quoc Island

This island has been a recent discovery which means it’s not the number one. Even though it’s still quite unknown, it’s one of the best places to visit in Vietnam.

Ths island is located on the Gulf of Thailand and it’s only 50kms from the mainland.

Phu Quoc is a tropical paradise, and its visitors enjoy turquoise warm waters and white sand.

If you’re a fan of snorkeling and scuba diving, you’ll fit right in. Tourists who visit will find friendly locals and a relaxed atmosphere.

Peak season goes from November to March.

5. Ho Chi Minh City

If you want to explore the cultural and economic power of Vietnam, then you have to put Ho Chi Minh City in your list of places to visit in Vietnam.

This vibrant city is a mix of modern buildings and French-colonial architecture. Ho Chi Minh has many museums and monuments to explore.

If you visit Vietnam, you cannot miss the War Remnants Museum to get a glimpse of the war through their eyes. The Jade Emperor Pagoda you won’t want to miss either.

If food is your thing, then Ho Chi Minh has an abundance of markets where you can buy and sample almost everything.

6. Sapa

Sapa is located in Northern Vietnam not too far from the border with China. It’s a hill station rich in culture and natural beauty.

The region is known for their hiking treks, rice fields, and mountain ranges. Due to its location, it’s also home to hill tribe minorities.

Travelers can visit this wonderful region year round.

7. Mekong Delta

If you want to visit the region of rich natural beauty and floating river markets, then Mekong Delta is for you.

Thanks to the maze-like rivers, this region is rich in agriculture, anything from sugar cane, fruit plantations, and soybean grow here. It helps local townspeople to make a living.

Mekong Delta has two prominent seasons, the dry season lasts from November to April, and the wet season from May to October.

If you travel during the wet season you must do so with caution because monsoons are not uncommon during this time of year.

8. Hoi An Ancient Town

This town, located by the Thu Bon River, made the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1999.

Due to its architecture, primarily made of wood, you will feel like to stepped back in time. The architecture also has traces from Japanese and Chinese influences.

This region saw plenty of settlers from those countries back in the day who brought their architectural designs with them.

Visitors travel to Hoi An to visit the temples, houses, and pagodas. It’s also a great town for shopping if you want authentic souvenirs and local craftsmanship.

9. Son Tra Peninsula

If you want to explore a sandy beach destination in Vietnam with tropical wildlife, Son Tra Peninsula is for you.

It’s located only 10 km away from Da Nang city. Son Tra is also known as Monkey Mountain. The US troops gave it this name during the war.

This area is so rich in wildlife, it’s home to several species of monkeys, musk-deer, wild boars, birds, and reptiles.

10. Nha Trang

Do you love to go scuba diving? Then Nha Trang is the perfect place to do it.

As one of Vietnam’s most famous towns for seaside resorts, Nha Trang is capital of the Khanh Hoa province.

The city is bordered by mountain ranges on one side and a beautiful long beach on the other side.

Visitors who come here tend to enjoy outdoor activities such as trekking, watersports, mudbaths, golfing, and exploring on foot.

This destination is super popular in the summer, so if you want part of the fun, you need to book in advance.

Did You Enjoy These Places to Visit in Vietnam?

If Vietnam is not on your bucket list, then you need to add it now. This beautiful country has something for everybody.

Whether it’s city life, food scene, beautiful beaches, and mountains, Vietnam has it.

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