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Find out which are the keys to a happier and more fulfilled life.
We write about tools you can use, exercises you can do and books to read to work your positivity muscle!


Doing what you love and loving what you do - the secret to life!
We cover here all the tips and tricks to having a fulfilled life. Plus, we will cover blogging tools and how we make business.


What we eat, drink and how we stretch our bodies!
We will share recipes, diet tips, all about fitness and how to live healthier in body, mind and spirit.

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2004, 2016

Toxic Personality Types: 7 People To Keep Out Of Your Life

By |Lifestyle|

What type of personality do you have? And what types of people surround you? Here are 7 toxic personality types to avoid in your life.

3003, 2016

How To Become Happier: Buy Experiences, Not Things

By |Lifestyle|

We often find ourselves wondering how to become happier and what to do in order to achieve this. Here are 10 ways to become a happier person.

2403, 2016

How To Use Coconut Water: Health Benefits, Nutrition And Beauty

By |Lifestyle|

When talking about how to use coconut water, you can see that it has multiple uses: you can drink it, cook with it and make a beauty ingredient out of it.

1503, 2016

How To Use Coconut Milk: Types And Recipes

By |Lifestyle|

Vegan or not, you must know how to use coconut milk in the kitchen. You never know when you might need to surprise somebody with a new and healthy recipe!

1003, 2016

13 Empowering And Inspiring Books For Women

By |Lifestyle|

When it comes to finding inspiration, the best way to do it is by finding some inspiring books for women and start reading. Here are our choices!

2302, 2016

11 Dancing Health Benefits You Must Try

By |Lifestyle|

Dancing is a form of expression and a form of art. It has always been a part of our cultural backgrounds. Read more about the dancing health benefits!

1802, 2016

Benefits Of The Himalayan Salt: 7 Amazing Ways To Use It

By |Lifestyle|

When talking about the Himalayan salt, we will also talk about the benefits of the Himalayan salt. There are plenty of amazing ways to use it!

1102, 2016

Lessons From The Mat – How I Learn To Love Myself

By |Lifestyle|

How do I learn to love myself? Yoga may be that journey that can help you grow internally and that can help improve not just your physical health.

202, 2016

5 Inspirational Stories About What Makes Our World Great

By |Lifestyle|

When seeking causes we are truly passionate about and we think they might inspire us, we cannot ignore some of the best inspirational stories in the world.

2101, 2016

Chia Seeds Health Benefits: Nutrition And Diet

By |Lifestyle|

Chia seeds find themselves among some of the healthiest foods in the world. Why? Check out the chia seeds health benefits and start using them!

701, 2016

2015 Year In Review: First Year Doing Business

By |Lifestyle|

How would you feel if I told you that in 12 months your whole life could change? Read our 2015 year in review and find out our story.

3112, 2015

Fashion And Beauty Tips For New Year’s Eve

By |Lifestyle|

The clock is ticking and NYE is almost here. Want to know our final fashion and beauty tips for this year? Take a look!

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