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Who We Are

ANGELA – Social Media

ROSWITHA – Co-Founder & CEO

MIHAI – Co-Founder & MK



We care deeply for the environment and we only work with brands that share our values for being authentic, organic and respectful to the planet.


We only speak the truth and only advertise the things we wear or would love to wear. Being authentic is our primary value.


There is no one else like us because we are special and we come in front of you just as we are – being true to ourselves and our voice.


We love helping people and doing acts of kindness is in our culture. We believe that what goes around comes around. Like Ellen Degeneres would say “Be kind to one another“.


We take pride in our work and we are always striving to deliver the best possible articles in the most visual and creative way.


We love what we do and we never want to stop doing it. Teaching you about how to be happy, beautiful & stylish is our biggest reward and we are grateful to be here to do it.


People don’t always know this, but for every 1,000 words article, we spend at least 8h writing it and other 2h editing it. We do our best to deliver value to you – because this is how much we care.


We live in a world of abundance and for that matter, we are happy. Happy to be where we are, doing what we do. When you do what you love, everyday is like a vacation – you never get tired of it.


Some might say it’s a bad thing, but we love it! By being who we are, we got to where we are today.
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How To Be Happy

  • Health Benefits

Aromatherapy: 25 Health Benefits Of Essential Oils

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The health benefits of essential oils are multiple, that's why they have been used for years in medicine and other therapeutic ways. Just take a look!
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10 Healing Properties Of Turmeric You Didn’t Know About

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I'm sure you've all heard about turmeric. But have you heard about the healing properties of turmeric? No? Take a look here and see its cool benefits!
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How To Find Motivation To Exercise Right Now

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Do you ever think about how to find motivation to exercise? It's never easy, but also not impossible. Here are 10 simple ideas, read more.
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Best Type Of Tea In The World: Matcha Tea Health Benefits

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Matcha tea is maybe the best type of tea in the world. I covered 8 of the main matcha tea health benefits, the 3rd one is my favorite.
  • Attract More Wealth with Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Money Bootcamp (Review)

Attract More Wealth with Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Money Bootcamp (Review)

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Have you ever wondered how your life would look like if you had a better relationship with money? I have been in this love-hate relationship with money my whole life, always struggling to have enough

  • Maintain The Color Of Your Clothes

Maintain The Color Of Your Clothes While Saving The Planet

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We all want beautiful clothes, that look like new after the years have passed. We also want to save our planet and be more environmentally friendly. How can we have both without any hassling or

Learn The Habits Of Successful Women

This is not “just another habits eBook”! Each habit included was tested by us and we do them on a daily basis!

Are you successful? If not, you might want to rethink your daily activities and habits and add some new ones that can really help you live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

PRICE: $7 or how much you’d pay for a salad.

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How To Be Beautiful

  • How do you care for your area down there

How do you care for your area down there?

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Do you care for your area down there? I'm fairly new to feminine hygiene products, but after receiving a package from femfresh, I saw what I was missing and I had to share it with you.
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8 Healthy Hair Secrets

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We all want a beautiful and shiny hair. Want to know some healthy hair secrets? You can read here the most important 8 hair secrets for a healthy hair.
  • Choosing The Perfect Lipstick For Your

Choosing The Perfect Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

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It’s summertime, which means barbecues, festivals, and pared-down, bright makeup hues. Read on to know how to find the perfect lipstick for your skin tone and some great tips that will help you look stylish

  • 11 Secrets To Staying Positive And

11 Secrets To Staying Positive And Beautiful

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Do you want to know the secrets to Staying Positive And Beautiful? Read the article to discover them! I bet that you'll find it very useful!
  • How To Look Flawless In 7 Easy Steps

Easy Does It – How To Look Flawless In 7 Easy Steps

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You might think that looking good each day it is very hard, but I am here to tell you that easy does it! Learn how to look flawless in 7 easy steps!
  • target-beauty-box-featured

Get Ready With Me & Target Beauty Box

By |

This post is promoted by Target

How do you start your day? Are you putting self-love on the first place?

As women, we are very intriguing, we either spend too much time or money on our appearance

9 Inspirational Hairstyle Ideas To Go With Any Hat

Wearing a hat doesn’t necessary mean that your hair is having a bad day. If you choose to wear a hat in order to complete your amazing outfit, here is how to do it in style!

We chose 9 Hairstyles that will make your life a whole lot easier because you will be able to wear them with any hat. (winter or summer) Roswitha’s favorite is No. #3 – that’s how she wears her hat 90% of the time. What is yours?

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How To Be Stylish

  • Business women outfits

How To Wear Business Women Outfits: 5 New Must-Haves

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Are you a business woman? Then it's time to update your wardrobe and see our business women outfits ideas and read about our 5 selected must-haves, now!
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Traditional Clothing: How To Style The Romanian Ie

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Are you interested in some traditional clothing? Because we've got some tips on how to style the Romanian ie and they are great. Have a look and be amazed!
  • How To Wear Denim Dress pix

Denim Trend: How To Wear Denim Dress

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We all know about it and wear denim. But do you know how to wear denim dress? Be sure to check out this article to get updated with some hot denim dresses.
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How To Style A Jumpsuit: 6 Ways To Wear It

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It's cool, it's trendy, it's sporty, it's elegant, it's a one-piece suit: it's the jumpsuit. Check out 6 ways on how to style a jumpsuit in every season.
  • Big Blossom Prints

Big Blossoms Prints: How To Wear Them In The Summer

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Do you love flowers? I do. And I love them even more on my clothes, especially the big blossoms type. They are really pretty in the Spring and Summer.
  • How To WearSequins

How To Wear Sequins: From Casual To Elegant

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Who's in for some advice on how to wear sequins? If you're a fan of this trend, be sure to check our latest article and get inspired by our stylish choices.

How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe

If you want to be fashionable on a tight budget and you own a small closet space, learning how to build a capsule wardrobe will save you.

This ebook talks about: What does it really mean, Who needs it, How to build it: essential items, how to use the same type of item for winter and summer, Outfits  (casual, elegant, party, outdoor, school, work, etc) and How to spend your budget: find out the secret formulathat Roswitha developed – to see how much you should spend on any item.

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