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Estilo Tendances was born in the late summer of 2010, as a personal blog. It started small, but steady and in less than one year it got 20,000+ pageviews/month.  Because, in 2010, Roswitha MOTI and Mihai HERMAN the co-founders also started college, this whole blogging idea was mostly not a priority and just a fun way to do something with their passion for writing, fashion and style. For this reason, even though the blog has a few years of experience, it hasn’t grown as much as others.

For more details, please contact Roswitha, at roswitha

However, in November 2013, things changed and Estilo Tendances became the awesome learning platform, where any woman, regarding of her background or income, can learn how to be more stylish, more beautiful (inside and outside), more successful and more happy. We focus on growing and on having the essential tips that would help women to be who they desire to be. We strive to give value throughout our actions and most importantly: we want to convince people that in order to be happy and fulfilled they need to do what they LOVE.

Since then, we built a team of writers and we started investing more time and money in this blog. The results are remarkable and you will see our numbers in the Media Kit below!

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If you’d like to partner with us, there are a few ways you can do it!

  • Standard Packages: Easy, Golden, Fabulous
  • Custom Packages: You tell us what you need and we will customize it for you!
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  • Sponsored posts
  • Product Reviews
  • Promote competitions, sales, offers
  • Other: we are open to hear your suggestions
For more details, please contact Roswitha, at roswitha[at]!