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Estilo Tendances | May 24, 2015

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One Week Detox Diet Plan

One Week Detox Diet Plan

Modern technology helps us to prepare our everyday meals faster. We have also developed easier methods to move from place to place as well as for cleaning our homes. This convenience has a flip side as well. We have ended up accumulating toxins in our body that has weakened our immunity and which has resulted in us developing sickness and disease. In this context, it is vital that the body is detoxed or cleansed regularly. A seven-day cleanse is recommended and spring is great for starting the process.





When discussing detox diets it is of high importance to be aware of the fact that elimination serves two purposes: firstly, the elimination of wastes from the body, and secondly, elimination of specific foods from our existing diets. Seven days of detox is a challenge for those who are new to it. To step comfortably into the first day of detox, it is recommended that you stop eating meat and consuming coffee, sodas and tea from the day prior to starting the diet. Continue to do this on the first day of detox as well. This keeps the digestive system from doing hard work in digesting sugars and meat. The digestive also has to help to eliminate toxins from the body. Mucus that has been building up for many years hardens and may block portions of the digestion path. Though this buildup requires a period of more than seven days for complete removal, a seven-day detox can get the cleanup process started. In the future, you can think of a longer term detox program, after your body gets used to it.

A salt water cleanse is affordable and effective during the seven days regimen. Two teaspoons of salt that is not iodized added to 4 cups of water (boiled is good enough). It is recommended that you use unrefined sea salt for the purpose. This can be bought off from local health stores. Drink all the four cups after allowing the mixture to cool down. After drinking this mixture, a bowel movement is experienced within the next one hour. Follow this routine every day for the next seven days.




The Next Seven-Day Routine

There are many types of detox diets that are available and which can be followed. However, the two most popular and cheaper options are the raw fruit and vegetable diets and the juice diets. A seven-day juice detox diet brings fast results and is aggressive (in a good way) because there are no solids to be digested by the digestive system. A raw fruit and vegetable detox consists of a mix of uncooked vegetables and fruits. For only $9.99 you can get all the information you might need, step by step:The Green ‘Juice’ Detox Diet: “Detox Your Body Then Diet Your Way To Vitality And Healthy Weight Loss…” and Green Juicing Diet to Detox: Discover the Power of the Best Green Juice Diet Now, Healthier & Faster Weight Loss, Best Green Juice Recipes Now.

For the juice detox diet to be effective, you should drink juices made of fresh fruits and vegetables only. You can choose to make the juices in your home using a juicer or even go to a local smoothie shop to juice vegetables and fruits for you. If it is for the first time that you are trying the detox, the first three days would be the most challenging when you will feel tired and light-headed. This is because the toxins are eliminating from your body during this period. Ensure that you drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins. Abstain from doing strenuous and hard work during this period. This is the time when the body heals and absorbs the maximum amount of nutrients. It is a good idea not to stress the body.




Completion of the Detox Diet

It is very important that a detox diet is completed properly. Ensure that you do not eat large quantities of the wrong kind of food on the eighth day. This takes away all the benefits of the detox diet and your body may not adjust to it immediately. A light meal on the eighth day keeps you energetic, focused and relaxed. If you followed the raw fruit and vegetable diet, it is recommended that you eat a light vegetarian cooked meal. In case you had chosen the juice detox diet, you can add some raw fruits and vegetables to your diet on the eighth day. On the next two days, that is the ninth and tenth day, you can start having processed foods and cooked meat, but in limited quantities. Following these instructions helps you to enjoy a system cleanse that is safe and beneficial. It is also recommended that you consult with your medical specialist before embarking on any new diet.

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