Does this sound familiar?

You wake up in a hurry, do your morning routine and open your closet when…

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Nothing to WEAR

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Nothing to MATCH

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Not enough MONEY

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Not enough TIME

Maybe you need someone who can teach you…

  • How to declutter

  • How to feel like a celebrity every day

  • How to free yourself from the past

  • What are the must have 24 items

  • How to combine the must have items for endless outfits

  • How to be honest about your spending

  • The *secret* spending formula, for any items you want to buy

  • How to create a budget for your wardrobe and you how to spend it in a smart way

I’m Sold, I want to work with you!

Why should you trust me?

  • I have been in the Fashion World for the last 5 years

  • Started a Fashion and Beauty Blog that has around 100,000 page views a month

  • Worked with over 7 fashion designers

  • Invited to all major Fashion Weeks: New York, London, Milan, Paris, Pitti Uomo

  • Worked with VIP clients since 2015

How does this program work?

HINT: Hover your mouse over the boxes to discover how you can have an ideal wardrobe



I will show you what are the steps for a complete declutter, without having to take a week off. We will go step by step through your closet, shoes, accessories and all the clothing items and we will divide them into:

  1. Makes me feel like I am beautiful, happy, powerful and rich
  2. Does not fit me, but I love it
  3. It does not fit me, I do not like it and I do not know why I still keep it

I will teach you how to do more for your community and donate all the good things that do not serve you, how to sell the ones that you love but do not fit and how to enjoy having an empthy closet that it’s about to be filled with only the best items from now on!

How does this sound?



We will work together to raise your self-esteem, self-worth and increase the habits that promote self-love. Everything that you wear, clothing items or beauty products, make you feel a certain way. Depending on what you want to feel, you unconsciously buy and wear different products. If you raise your self-esteem, you will stop shopping impulsively and the whole shopping process will get easier.

In this week you will:

  1. Get clear on what you want
  2. Establish new healthy habits 
  3. Heal your past memories and live like the woman you have always wanted to be

Feel the love?



This week we will work on adding the must-have, timeless items, in your wardrobe. Some of the items you might already have and did not know about them. We will come up with a plan that will help you aquire all the desireble items and I will even give you a SALE alert sheet. You will be able to buy all that you love and need at a price that is PERFECT for you.

Major outcomes this week:

  1. Know which are the must have, timeless items
  2. See how many you need to aquire in order to have an ideal wardrobe that will last for years
  3. Make a plan for the next days, weeks months to get all the things that you love at the best price

How does this sound?



This week, we are artists! We will work on creating outfits with the clothes you already own, and with the 24 timeless pieces that you will have. You will end up having Casual, Work, Going out, and Elegant outfits. We will also work on outfits for the cold season and outfits for the hot season. This will probably be your favorite week.

You will:

  1. Learn how to create outfits
  2. Create 4 outfits for the cold season: casual, work, elegant, party
  3. Create 4 outfits for the hot season: casual, work, elegant, party

It will be fun and you will love it! Let’s do it!



This is where all the *secrets* get revealed. I will tell you my own formula, that I developed and that can be used for any kind of purchase, even a car. Using this magic formula, you will be able to know which items are worth your money and save around $2,000/each year. I will also teach you how to budget for WANTS and have a healthy relationship with money.

We will work on:

  1. A real idea of how much you are spending now
  2. Know about the *secret* formula of buying anything and everything
  3. Learn how to budget wisely

Do you hear the $Cha-ching$?



This is our last week of working together and you can call it a buffer week. We will review all the weeks and we will wrap up everything. Some of you might have unfinished tasks, some of you might have additional questions and some of you might have a week off. It is all up to you! I am here to make sure that you:

  1. Have a clear idea about what a perfect wardrobe is
  2. Know how to create outfits
  3. Know how to buy and spend money

Our journey ends here, but you will be forever in my community where you can always ask questions, brag about new buys and interact with other women just like you!

Shall we try this?

I want to start NOW!

People that I have worked with SAY:

I’ve been working with Roswitha for a few months now and I can finally fit everything in my wardrobe without sacrificing any of my favourite items. She taught me how to best maximise style and minimise costs. I love(d) it!
Alexandra Jeitan, The Healthy Cookie Jar
Roswitha helped me a lot with organizing my closet, giving and throwing away the old stuff that was holding me back. I use to gather all kind of staff just because. I think rarely we realize how much clothes or different objects stuck us in some emotions.

I knew that some clothes were making me feel in a certain way, one that I didn’t like, but I didn’t have the courage to make a change. Then I met Roswitha, a positive and smiley woman who helped me get a new life. I feel very good now because I’m one of the best versions of myself and Roswitha had a huge impact for that.

Angela Cosma,
Roswitha helped me a lot with organizing my closet, giving and throwing away the old stuff that was holding me back. I use to gather all kind of staff just because. I think rarely we realize how much clothes or different objects stuck us in some emotions.

You are like a magnet, I felt drawn to you because I knew you were special and could learn a lot of beautiful things from you.

If someone would ask me about you, I would say that you are a wonderful person, with whom I resonated since the first second I have seen you.

About your training: You are a committed person who helped me in a very short amount of time to make better choices when it comes to what to buy, which gave me more confidence and optimism.

We ended up talking about nutrition, yoga and other things we had in common and I think she is the perfect choice for every person that wants to get better in life, fashion or health. Plus, I gained an honest and sincere friend.

Diana popa
Thank you, my dear, for being by my side in redesigning my wardrobe. It was an interesting experience, to adventure in this journey. The first step was to help me realize which is my style and how to express it, taking into consideration my lifestyle and the type of clothes that I love wearing.

We continued our exploration, by opening the closet doors and setting aside all the clothes that I did not wear in the last 1-2 years and which I knew I will never wear again, clothes that were either too small, or too big.

You had so much patience with me and your knowledge in asking powerful questions, helped a lot in this whole process, which is most of the time emotionally challenging.

Thanks to you, I gave up half my wardrobe and I was left with clothes and items that best represent who I truly am. I have more space and I know now how to mix and match: colors, textures, styles.

My favorite moment was when we made the list with all the items that I need to buy in the future to have the ideal wardrobe. Now, I can say, for the first time, that is so much easier to go shopping because I know exactly what to look for and I do not waste time being frustrated and not knowing what suits me. Thank you so so so much!

Cristina Zamfir

How much does it COST?

$78555for the whole programe - 6 weeks
  • 1 x 90min INTENSIVE session before you start
  • 6 x 50min LIVE sessions with me, being a VIP Client
  • Weekly materials
  • Unlimited support

Do you have a CHEAPER option?

$49555for the whole programe - 6 weeks
  • 1 x 90min INTENSIVE session before you start
  • 3 x 50min LIVE sessions with me
  • Weekly materials
  • Unlimited support

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