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This is NOT a paid opportunity!

We help you develop your writing skills and build your brand as an expert on the topic you choose to write about. 

Advantages of writing for Estilo Tendances

  • 9 Things You Will Get If You Decide To Be a Writer
  1. Get access to eBooks & materials that we purchase.
  2. Be coached on: online business, marketing, life & nutrition.
  3. Be featured on the team page: picture + website + social links.
  4. Be included in our Media Kit (as part of the team).
  5. Get access to exclusive deals and freebies.
  6. Get access to paid articles opportunities.
  7. Publish some articles as guest posts on other blogs.
  8. Write an article every week and interact with our readers and build your personal brand.
  9. Learn all about WordPress, blogging, basic SEO, etc.

If you just want to be published...

We know everyone has their own projects and jobs and not a lot of time to join *full time* an awesome team! We understand this and for that matter, if you are a blogger already, and just want to expand your personal branding and be published on other websites, we are gladly to have you. However, there are only 2 big advantages for being a COLABORATOR (rather than being a WRITER):

1. Write up to 2  articles/month.
2. Be featured on our contributors page: name + website.

You will get no training and we will publish only high quality content, we want to offer more value to our readers, not to spam them. We will give you our guidelines and if you meet them, we'll be happy to work with you.


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